Automotive Interior: Little decoration, make your car more exotic residence

Automotive interior “decoration”, thIs Is really a new word, we used to when it comes to Car interiors, said modification, said the renovation, but now actually has a “decoration.” ThIs Is a word often found in the home to purchase furniture, small decoration of the time, now used in Automotive interiors here, on the importance of vehicle interiors living environment can be imagined, Automotive interior, has an extension of home, Is a private, personalized space, but also need space Pascal Care of maintenance.

upholstery, designed to decorate the Carriage, by adding interior trim, make Car interiors more interesting, more exotic.

There are three common upholstery –

a, interior ornaments, pendant

may be some owners have already put in the Car, put the pieces of interior decoration, but did not realize it was included in the interior decoration of the content inside. Ornaments, dolls are generally fine, such as fans, like hand to do, after the base stick in the center console, or on a Carriage door, they are very beautiful. The pendant hung on the rearview mirror before normally, but here to warn Car owners, interior ornaments hanging on the rear view mirror may affect driving safety, and now some interior accessories are also relatively light, become hung in the air conditioning tuyere.

Second, the interior perfume

Some owners may not be regular cleaning Car interiors, Car and some smell, Pascal trim function can be coated to eliminate odor. But there Is no smell Is not enough, some owners still feel not enough, Automotive interiors such an important space, and certainly it appears to have some flavor in style.

Third, the interior lights

interior lights and Car headlights are not the same, Car interiors in addition to custom light color, it also must be a brightness dimmed, while driving the Car too bright affects vIsion, on the other hand, as Is the interior lights to create a dough which the slightest hint of a sense of hazy, warm and romantic feeling sense, too bright not too unpleasant yet?

Fourth, the interior sticker

Some female Car owners prefer to affix stickers Car interiors, in a little girl’s Car, thIs little Cartoon stickers Will add a Car interior part playful and cute.

beautiful people concerned about the details, naturally pay more attention to the interior itself.

Interior maintenance required, the owner Is required Pascal.

Pascal function of coating the interior can form a protective layer against a variety of interior Issue long-term, to protect your Car. After

Pascal advanced water-oil separation technology into products, functional coatings for interior construction pascal, which water-based nano-and micro collagen molecules composite coating, can maintain the permeability of the interior locking leather nutrients; and water-oil separating protective layer can be formed on the interior surface of the dirt in the dust separator outer protective layer.

let dirt Wipe clean, remove each cleaning have to run beauty shop Car trouble. Pascal function of coating the interior can be valid for up to 2 to 3 years, thIs long period of time, you do not run the store, queue, wait a few hours to do a wash, time and time again from time to time to spend time and money to spend energy vote on the interior cleaning chores, occasionally rub, easy to wipe touch, without the use of additional cleaning agents, simply complete interior cleaning tasks.

Pascal interiors feature film after the test, the effect Is powerful. Pascal brand was born in 1973 in Germany, deep leather maintenance landscaping technology, introduced in 2007 to the United States mainland. Pascal interior features coating products, competition in the market more than ten years, until 2019, Pascal has served more than 5000 stores and service worth more than 500,000 vehicles have been over one million times.

Interior pascal function can be coated –

Chemical locking volatile components, effective odor, health Car home guard;

interior leather locking nutrients,Interior prevent aging;

lock color, prevent interior fading;

Interior protective layer Is formed, anti-scratch, abrasion, staining .

do “dirt-resIstant”, “fade”, “aging”, “corrosion resIstance” “abrasion” five – one,

breathable, odor, interior, bidirectional protection environment!