Automotive interior designers to develop a

a girl, a lot of people do not understand, like, what Is wrong, Why love Cars.

Her great-grandfather was an early American Car drivers, motorIsts had traveled more than half of the United States, grandfather and family relationship Is not harmonious, came to Wuhan to leave their homes during the war married and become of a very famous mechanical engineer, also repaired a lot of Car engines. And when her young father also by chance became a taxi driver, with the first Car home, although a taxi. After serving in state-owned enterprIses into the father he has been managing the company’s fleet, and the Car hit a lifetime dealings, until retirement. ThIs experience, so thIs ought holding her doll, Car forged a puzzled Love.

After graduating from college she always wanted a stable ordinary family, but after a dull state-owned enterprIses, foreign intrigues, business failure confusion hardships, would let her fascination with speed passion has been lingering in her chest, lingering. Car like a second home to her, and so she decided to become a natural choice for Automotive interior designer, to every Car riders build exclusively of Ta.

Although there are art skills, but she knew nothing about industrial design start Is very difficult, especially on weekdays fingers do not stick spring water, she should know a lot about the process knowledge also spent a lot of thought. The office during the day and take off high heels, she and the workers live and eat together, buried at night in the office collected over the network to understand a wide range of Car knowledge. She felt that the only way to make their own rapid growth.