Automotive interior aging, how to do?

because most Cars and parking in the open state, so to put an end to Car interior aging Is impossible, but to take the following measures to slow the Car interior aging:

1, to the whole Car stickers UV and IR solar film. Many people have a mIsunderstanding that can prevent the ultraviolet solar film deep color and infrared. In fact, solar film and color depth no UV and infrared relationship, a relationship with the only vIsible proof that Is dark in color Will feel welcome the sun does not glare. Currently on the market Is very cheap solar film almost no UV and infrared rays.

2, Automotive interior regularly sprayed leather protector

3, regularly Automotive interior instrument panels protective wax coating

4, try not to stop in the sun

in addition, the Automotive interior has aged very severe cases, you can do Car interior renovation process, together with the interior surface film layer on the interior surface by the professionals to achieve the effect of renovation.