Automotive interior a lot of dust, wipe clean how to do? Old driver to tell you how to do

we have the same feeling, every seat in another Car saw the Car interior spotless, very envious, but always pack your own Car Is not up, thIs Is Why? I think the main thing the right way, devote themselves to study a little, to tell you the following methods can be done to keep the interior often new.

1, clean air conditioning duct

where it Is easy to filth, covered with dust, even clean the interior of dust on a open air patronize again.

2, replacement air filter

the air filter Is easily overlooked, circulating outside air entering the Car by its filtration, ground clearance, handling change, not only can reduce dust, more health, online shopping, then it twenty or thirty dollars.

3, on the soil cleanup pedal

brake, clutch, accelerator pedal use a long time Will inevitably accumulate a lot of dust, rain and possibly have large pieces of dirt, a lot of dust in the form stampede process.

4, thoroughly cleaned of dust debrIs Car

Is below the main seat door gap in corner compartments and dust, rough roads they are easily Dangqi.

5, thoroughly cleaning the interior

with the most convenient foam cleaning agent, a spray a rub on it, and the price Is not expensive. Less than ten dollars a bottle, but also free shipping.

6, table board wax coating

Interior plurality of plastic material, it Is easy to static electricity, which Is Why the interior has just finIshed cleaning up the cause quickly collect dust, and table board wax can prevent static electricity, can also enhance the brightness,Let the interior looks more texture. But at home the elderly, pregnant women and a child, then Is not recommended, thIs thing shares odor, although not unpleasant smell, but after all the chemical stuff Is not so reassuring, thIs time can be applied with fabric softener, can still prevent static electricity, and mild not to hurt the interior.

After the above steps at least two weeks to process your interior Will not collect dust, of course, it Is important to keep, to create a warm and clean the most important Is to keep the interior space.