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Car seat Is one of the largest contact with the human body parts, with the rapid development of Automobile industry, people ride comfort of the Car and security increasingly demanding. Car seat designed to provide reasonable safety for the occupants, and facilitates manipulation comfortable driving experience fatigue. Then you know that in addition to considering what other ergonomic seat design elements in it?

All thIs Is from the 1885 birth of the “No. 1” Speaking of, thIs world’s first Car at the time of launch, the seat structure Is very simple, the main construction Is wood various fillers and surface coverings, and its function not only allows the driver to drive it stood, there Is not much difference with the then coach. Benz

plus a cushion Car seat, the driver can make a little comfort though some of thIs on board, but the seat was not designed to support and protect the back, more lack of consideration of security.

With the continuous improvement of technology the Automotive industry, Automobile have gradually been popular, people on the seat comfort Is also increasing. For example, the figure of the Ford Model T, the entire seat was covered with soft material, but structurally and functionally, it does not much has changed.

As we all know, Americans are very fond of the large space, in order to dIscharge the former more things, and when the US law allows three people to sit in the front row, so 1911 Chevrolet Classic Six began, there have been communication style front seats, but thIs design has been phased out.

1961 Buick Electra 225 convertible Car, we can see that using two independent front design, and also the co-pilot’s seat Oh, you can rotate backwards.

seen above the Car seat, the feeling seems something Is mIssing, that’s right, the mIssing part Is now known as “head restraint” in. The headrest Is small, even Tucao often been uncomfortable, but its role but significant.

With the enhancement of vehicle speed, security Issues begun to attract everyone’s attention, then came into the headrest. In fact, as early as 1921, Americans Benjamin indignant Benz invented the seat headrest, but until the late 1960s, began to appear in some of the headrest Car in North America.

The reason Why the headrest and traffic safety related, because the huge impact, due to inertia, the head Will be swinging back, if not for reasonable support of the head and neck, cervical spine can lead to excessive force and broken, and the Car seat headrest can play a protective role.

Therefore, a small head restraints can reduce the probability of cervical spine injury in the event of a Car accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety AdminIstration also on January 1, 1969 onwards, mandatory for all new Cars must be equipped with head restraints. Today, the headrest has also become an integral part of the Car seat.

probably had the understanding of the development process of Car seat, let us return to today’s topic: Car seat design. Here can tell you that in all models of the interior design, the designers are the first step Is to determine the design of the seat, because only after determining the shape, size and position of the seat, steering wheel, pedals, in control position of the table like member to be able to be finalized.

The reason Why the first seat design, because only the determined position of the seat, shape, thickness, and other adjustable angle, steering wheel, pedals, center console, etc. of these components position to be able to finalize. Then, to be exact, the designers were the first to consider Is sitting inside the vehicle occupants.

such as SUV, the driver would be more upright posture some positions Will be higher; for the Car, the driver’s posture Will be much lower, and slightly back; for some Cars (such as the F1 Grand Prix), the driver Is actually a “recumbent” in the Car.

evolution of the Car seat

What are the components of your seat?

Is generally constituted by a seat surface material, filler, frame, and adjusting means connected to the body member and the like. That it Is verySimple, but due to the high frequency of use of the seat, in every part of the design must take into account the safety, durability and comfort, so the development cycle Is very long, it can be said to be a “big project.”

FIG ordinary Car seat structure

inside the seat by the first spring supporting the reel, but heavy and kind of spring up a lot of space, so the S-shaped springs into being. Later designers found that the reel and S-shaped springs binding formula, not only improve comfort, weight did not increase too much, and thus with thIs design began to be applied.

do not know how to talk ergonomic chair?

in order to design a comfortable seats, light know the basic shape and certainly not the concept, it Is important to get to know the specific human data, that Is, we often hear of “ergonomic” In general, designers Will use a percentage of the human body to do the reference template. That Is, designed so that the number of seats per cent of the normal person can take. ThIs sounds simple, to show you Photo knew seat design complicated.

It should be noted that, for the seating arrangement, each company has its own criteria and priorities. But in general, Will be based on three main factors: comfort, the driver’s field of vIsion and reflection, the driver can reach the area of ‚Äč‚Äčoperational convenience.

For most drivers, the most common human most comfortable angle section shown in FIG. (Note: in the right point H means connected to the center point of the human torso and thigh, on the vehicle body layout, H Is the human body sitting point positioning reference point.)

to form the seat , the seat back Is designed to be concave on the convex shape. Because the body’s natural spine Is S-shaped bend, in order to be more comfortable to sit up, to the seat of the chest, back and lumbar support has a relatively strong can.

In addition to the seat fabric material Is leather?

When it comes to seat fabric, you might think that Is simply inVariety of materials covered on the seat, the seat fabric in fact rather complex. How to maximize the block a single piece of leather? How to sew, surface treatment, in order to ensure the durability of the seat? These are the seat fabric in the design need to be considered. Of course not only just in terms of the type of fabric and leather two fabrics, as well as the seat Nappa, Alcantara seat, Valonea seat, Designo seat.

The main material Is a velvet fabric seat and chemical fibers, has good air permeability, not cold in winter, summer Is not hot, good skid resIstance, durable and easy to damage, and low cost . At present, many entry models are equipped with fabric seat.

refers to the use of the seat leather seats made of leather or artificial leather, characterized in that leather can highlight grade Automotive interior fabrics, while providing more comfortable ride feel. Used for some high-allocation model.

Nappa mainly refers to the process of the seat style, commonly referred to Nappa cowhide seat are used, it has a fine texture and soft touch, high-end seat embodied.

Alcantara seat in the perception and feel very much like suede, leather, but in practice it Is not 68% polyester and 32% polyurethane after a synthetic material obtained complex processing, the majority of sports or luxury sports Cars Will use thIs material.

Valonea seat due to the excellent environmental characterIstics Is known, the name of the plant from the called Valonea oak, Valonea leather Is produced using thIs plant tanning agents from tanning, the leather surface are natural state, no artificial modification. And more for luxury models.

Designo seats can be said seat community hall class works by well-known interior designer Designo. It Is taken from the German farm back the best quality calf leather, handmade by experienced master cut from. Used for some high-end models.

small but perfectly formed

structure and fabric continues to diversify, with the popularization and development of Automobile technology, in order to meet different people in addition to seat requirements, more and more feature-rich configuration also emerged, such as we often comes to the seat heating, seat ventilation, massage seats, electrically adjustable seats and so on.

In addition to the above, the Car seat comfort configuration Is also gradually being taken seriously consumers, such as we often comes to the seat heating, seat ventilation, massage seats, electrically adjustable seats etc., have become an important factor to consider in the design of the seat.

Car seat design points

a degree of importance of the driver’s seat, we have said many, many times but its styling Will be ignored , because in most cases, the various kinds of seats are similar, except for the specially prepared track, the other almost no difference, but the concept Car seat Is definitely subvert your knowledge of the seats, they represent a new era of Automotive styling.

KWID Renault concept Car’s interior design inspired by the Bird’s Nest, in order to create a warm and comfortable environment. Ingenuity also employed three front seat back 2 layout. Meanwhile, behind the driver’s seat in the air-conditioning control knob, the rear passengers to facilitate temperature control.

FNR Chevrolet concept Car Is a Car of the future beyond the dreams, all the cool way are concentrated together, naturally pull the wind seat design extremely intelligent with the shape of the seat by an adjustable spring and a flexible cable net structures, the driver can freely fit physique. The

2016 ParIs Motor Show, Lexus showed a concept seat called “Kinetic Seat Concept”, thIs “surprIse the bones” of the seat chair can move with the driver’s spine, to reduce shock and downs caused by road to ensure the smooth body of the driver.

In addition to ingenious shape, in color Car seat, there are many breakthroughs, such as the figure of thIs CitroenHypnos concept Car, the designers placed in the Car a set of colorful swivel seat, to create a happier driving experience.

Mercedes-Benz F 015 Luxury in Motion concept Car, whether exterior or interior are very sci-fi, the seat Is designed to be similar to the shape of the sofa, looks comfortable and package Is very good, and the front seats can be rotated backwards, so that passengers in the Car can talk face to face.

Toyota ME.WE concept Car interior design Is very simple, like a seat shape also sofa at home, the rear seats can also be folded placed under the front seat, the seat can be removed when it Is used as a picnic.

Mercedes-Benz concept Car Will each release a four brilliant surprIse, 6 Maybach concept Car proves thIs point. Its seat Is unique, use the advanced leather material, and installed sensors can monitor the driver’s state of the environment, but also regulate light atmosphere, high degree of Automation.

concept Car NIssan IDS use a lot of wood in the interior of the material, giving the feeling of returning to nature, four seats respectively in specific circumstances inside of the flip, so the Car Will form a layout similar meeting room, talking to four passengers Will be very convenient.

recently released BMW i Inside Future concept to separate out the seat headrest, the headrest can be played out by the seat occupant of different different sound signals, and the sound emitted from each of the headrest can only be heard on the passenger seat.

Comments: Each member modern Automobile are numerous design, test results obtained among the combination of numerous engineers, designers wIsdom and efforts, the Car seat Is no exception. I believe that with the Car itself in the direction of intelligent, science and technology development, Car seat Will also bring us more surprIses.

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