Automotive beauty work project how much you know?

1. Beauty Care work item of

(1) new Car wax. Automobile manufacturers to prevent damage Automobile paint film during storage and transportation, to ensure that a user’s hand when the Car as good as new film, the last step Is the assembly Cars pass the inspection, spray wax on the vehicle for processing, i.e., spray closure body outer surface polIsh. Sealing wax paint Is not shiny, seriously affecting the Automobile beautiful, and easy adhesion of dust. Car dealers in developed countries would be in addition to Car wax treatment before the Car Is sold, our country very few Car dealers to implement thIs work. To do thIs, the user must be removed after the Car paint sealing wax – commonly known as open wax.

(2) Car washing. In order to keep the Car clean, uncluttered look, should be regularly or irregularly on the Car wash. Car Wash Is the most important part of Automotive beauty, but also an important part. It Is a basic work, but also a regular nursing job. different parts of the motor vehicle, cleaning operations can be divided into an outer body surface cleaning, washing and interior cleaning underCarriages. An outer body surface of the main body paint, Car doors, exterior lighting, decorations, accessories; main canopy interior chamber wall, a floor (Carpet), seats, instrument panel, the operating member, interior decoration, accessories; main underCarriages It refers to the vehicle chassIs about the Cartridge housing surface.

Cleaning two kinds of cleaning can be divided into the body paint and cleaning without dewaxing dewaxed. does not refer to the body surface cleaning dewaxing of wax, but did not want to remove it, wash only dust, smudges. Mainly through water cleaning method and general cleaning agent, using manual or mechanical cleaning. Cleaning dewaxing a wax removal of the original paint surface cleaning operations. Some Cars originally waxed, now need to re-wax coating, in thIs case, must be a net addition to the original wax Car wash at the same time, and then call new wax. Use dewaxing dewaxing Car washCleaning agent, the cleaning agent can effectively remove wax. After dewaxing with washing detergent, then rinsed with water to the body surface.

(3) finIsh grinding. FinIsh grinding operation to remove the surface oxide film layer, minor scratches and other defects performed. Although the nature of the work to repair beauty, but because of the repair of the defect Is very slight, as long as with other nursing jobs, you can eliminate defects, so it Is lIsted as a range of beauty treatments. behind the finIsh grinding and polIshing, the reduction step Is three continuous operation, Is the first step polIshing paint repair minor defects. Abrasive polIshing paint requires a special, work performed by grinding / polIshing machine.

(4) polIshed finIsh. FinIsh polIshing Is followed by the second step polIshing. The paint surface after polIshing Will leave traces of fine grinding, finIsh polIshing Is to remove these traces Care work performed.

polIshed finIsh polIshing agent requires a special, work performed by grinding / polIshing machine.

(5) reduction of paint. Restore finIsh grinding, polIshing after the third step, which Is to restore the paint surface to “new Car” as the status of a reducing agent. Reducing agents, also known as “sealant”, paint it acts as a seal to prevent air pollutants directly erosion paint. There are two reducing agent, called a reducing agent, and the other called brighteners. Credit reduction agent on the basIs of well brightening effect.

(6) waxing. Waxing Is coated with a waxy layer on the paint surface, and the gloss wax thrown Care operations. Waxing purposes: First, improve the body surface of the light level, add bright luster; the second Is to prevent the erosion of corrosive substances, the paint protection; Third, eliminate or reduce static electricity, so that the body be kept clean; Fourth reduce UV and heat damage to the paint to prevent and slow down the filmAgeing. Car waxing may be performed by manual operation or waxing machine.

(7) the treatment chamber. Care Is cleaning the vehicle interior, Automotive glazing and other cosmetic operations console controls, seats, seat covers, ceiling, Carpets, floor mats and other means for performing, further comprIsing a sterilization chamber within the regular Car, in addition to smelly and other air purification operations. Many types of vehicle interior member, the outer fabric Is also different, should use a different private nursing Care, respectively, to ensure quality of Care.

2. reparative cosmetic work item

(1) pathological control film. It refers to pathological defect paint film quality compared with predetermined specifications present. There are hundreds of film morbid, sick generated by the timing can be divided into two categories morbid and pathological use in painting appears arIse. For a variety of morbid film, we should analyze the causes and take effective measures to actively control.

(2) a scratch paint process. Paint scratches are reasons scratches, collIsions and other damage caused by the film. When the paint Is scratched, it should be based on the degree of the depth of the scratch, to take a different technology for the repair process.

(3) spots finIsh processing. Refers to the paint finIsh spot contact with the asphalt, flying paint, tar, bird droppings and other dirt, stains left on paint. Processing of paint spots should be based on the depth of penetration of the spots in the paint film different, take a different process.

(4) local repair Automotive coatings. Local Car repair coating Car paint when a partial loss of light, color, chalking, blIstering, cracking, loss and other serious traffic accidents due to aging or cause local refinIshing work Carried out by local damage the coating. Although local repair Automotive coatingsThe work area Is small, but to make repair paint and the original appearance of the paint film, gloss, color achieve consIstent, the operator needs to have a wealth of experience and high technical level. (5) Automotive coatings complete renovation. Complete renovation Automotive coatings when the whole Car film the whole Car a serious aging Carried out renovation for painting. Its operations mainly scavenging old paint, metal surface rust, primer and putty construction, paint spraying, up painting and polIshing wax and other modifications.