Automotive beauty of the type you know

General cosmetic, beauty and Automotive repair professional Automotive beauty three types according to different operating levels of Car beauty, beauty can be divided. 1. In general beauty General beauty Is commonly known waxing and washing operations, i.e. seen roadside Carrying buckets, towel Cleaning, waxing operation. General beauty Is often used washing powder, detergent and other non-professional beauty products. The pH of these products Is generally from 10.3 to 10.9, however, Car paint acid, base endurance in a pH 8.0 or less. The result Is often not thoroughly cleaned, the film also scratches, minor scratches; wipe after washing if not complete, Will leave water stains in some parts, affecting gloss finIsh; in the door body, window the four slots at the side, not dry, there Will be moIsture after sun exposure, adding to the corrosive effect of the film and four-slot, etc., so that damage to the body. Thus, thIs should be avoided Car simple method for cosmetic operations.

2. Automobile repair beauty refers to a Car body paint repair or beauty Beauty job recovery after the interior surface of some kind of defects for which there are defects in film morbid, paint scratches, spots and other damage to the interior surface, the surface treatment depending on the scope and extent of the defect, respectively , local repair, renovation and interior vehicle parts cosmetic repair and replacement work. Car repair beauty must be Carried out in a professional Automotive beauty centers, professional equipment and tools for beauty operations need only have a certain cosmetic repair technology to meet the basic requirements of the Automotive repair beauty. ThIs Is mainly for the beauty of the body portion of the film, a lot of other sites has not been considered.

3. Professional Automotive beauty professional Automotive beauty includes not only the cleaning of the Car , waxing, but the main thing Is based on the actual needs of Car maintenance, Car Care products including the proper selection and use, Automobile paint Care (for example, the treatment of various types of film defects, scratches and other cosmetic repair) , Car decoration, fine option, etc., Is a very complexSystems engineering. The reason Why professional professional Automotive beauty lies in its own systematic, standardized and professional: focus on the Car’s own characterIstics, from outside to inside to conduct a comprehensive and detailed maintenance; every process has a standard specifications and technical requirements; strict accordance with a process requirement, the use of product and professional instruments, and other specialized tools to operate.

(1) should meet professional Automotive beauty effect. ① film should reach the body beautiful effect Car, and with a long; should have anti-static, anti-acid rain, UV and other functions. ② Free dIsassemble and clean the engine system through, should increase overall system performance, and longer life. RefurbIshed engine Is to wash the engine bright surface protective film and to maintain long-term. ③ windscreen crack repair should be brushing polIshing glass becomes clear and bright, intact. ④ room, the trunk room after cosmetic treatment, should be more clean and bright. ⑤ wheels, tires after beauty Care, should be shiny and can prolong the service life. Metal ⑥ through the bare portion of rust, the rust-proofing treatment, should have a metallic luster, can prolong its life. (2) Basic conditions of professional Automotive beauty. ① studio includes a cosmetic operation, and the chamber should be Isolated from the outside; maintenance treatment with the film studio, the drying chamber, the cleaning chamber, beauty treatments, and preferably interfere with each other, but there are some connection. Outdoor operations are not professional Automotive beauty. ② each studio should be available for the appropriate equipment, tools and construction of energy used. ③ construction workers have been professional and technical training, to obtain job qualifications. ④ Car beauty products and magnetic materials must be regular manufacturers of qualified products, but also Is supporting the use of related products, so as to avoid quality accident. ⑤ have the necessary after-sales service Is a complement to the professional Automotive beauty, when there Is some quality problem can be remedied process.