Automobile exhaust how to deal with failure? Old drivers to teach you well over the annual

Is an Automobile exhaust testing Will test the project when the vehicles examined, recently have many friends ask small series, the Car Is about to annual review, in case Automobile exhaust unqualified how to do? The following Shimo Qi Xiao Bian just like to share with you cause an exhaust failure causes and treatment methods, we want to be able to help.

Replace the spark plug cleaning nozzle

spark ignition energy Is insufficient, for complete combustion of oil can not mix, resulting in off-gas the excessive levels of HC addition nozzle atomization bad, too thick mix of oil and gas can also cause excessive exhaust pollutants can not be detected by, if you are near the vehicle inspection and for a long time no replacement spark plug nozzle, the vehicle inspection before it Is recommended that you replace it, we Will solve the problem.

Replace grade gasoline

Compared with the low grade gasoline and the advantages of high-grade petrol Is mainly embodied in two low “high “: antiknock and a higher power, and reducing harmful substances in exhaust gas pollution. With high-grade gasoline, can the pursuit of greater engine power, smaller dIsplacement, improved in power and fuel economy. High-grade gasoline cleaner, the content of these pollutants CO, NO, HC combustion produced Will be greatly reduced.

cleaning or replacement of the catalytic converters

off-gas Is dIscharged through the exhaust pipe, catalytic converter on the exhaust pipe Automotive exhaust system Is the most important external purification device, which may be dIscharged from Automobile exhaust CO, HC and the like harmful gases into harmless Carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen. Long ignored tricyclic catalytic converter maintenance, can lead to clogged catalytic three-ring, a reduced ability to convert harmful gases, and finally result in emIssions of non-compliance. If catalytic converters Is a problem, you can buy special cleaning agents to clean, serious obstruction can choose a direct replacement.

the use of cost-effective repair agent

near the time of inspection Car, using exhaust repair agent, to clean up oil vehicle maintenance , thereby effectively reducing emIssions. Market these products more, the effect Is not mixedQi, based on feedback from many owners, Shimo Qi repair agent can effectively solve the problem of excessive exhaust. Many owners find that, after use can feel the power would be enhanced significantly reduced fuel consumption, exhaust not unpleasant, more exhaust testing authority reports, dIsplayed in the report, adding Shimo Qi vehicles, exhaust HC and nO content of these pollutants can be reduced by 90% of pollutants are reduced so much, afraid of not examined because of the exhaust gas to before?

Is a comprehensive review of the vehicles examined the Car, I hope the owner can pay attention to it, whether for personal safety or vehicle safety, security can not ignore the details of the vehicle and small hidden problems. Lastly, I hope to be the owners of vehicles examined friend passed.