Auto parts rack which features

With the rapid development of the US economy, people’s lives getting better after another and lived a comfortable life, almost every household can start the Car, which also makes the Car more and more manufacturing fire, Simplicity Auto parts Feeder depending on the needs of Automobile parts, may be designed as a single layer, bilayer or bilayers may be foldable according to a design of transport and logIstics cost two non-collapsible species paragraph Auto parts rack . As Auto parts turnover Car manufacturers tell you to Auto Parts rack should have security protection, good quality, high efficiency, logIstics and high efficiency, the details are summarized as follows:

Auto parts Feeder

a, Auto parts Feeder of the safety needs: logIstics operations of thIs process comprIses operator and parts, there must be effective waterproof, moIsture-proof, dust-proof, rust-proof, anti-collIsion and other parts in transit.

Second, the Auto Parts rack need good quality: to eliminate causes due to logIstics packaging design, production Issues, and container quality Issues protection of part failure, thus affecting the quality of parts.

Auto Parts Feeder

(3) Auto Parts Feeder for an operation high efficiency: standardization of logIstics packaging requirements of packaging rationalization, neither simple packaging components resulting in insufficient protection, nor excessive packaging, reducing production efficiency, resulting in troublesome parts to take place, resulting in wasted man-hours.

IV Auto Parts Feeder for an efficient high-stream: the design of logIstics containers, pallets, packaging, logIstics iron rack when the product should be considered loading efficiency of transport vehicles, to a large extent improve logIstics efficiency. When selecting a standardized container tray stream should be considered effective length, width and height of the pickup of the vehicle, so that a large efficient use of space, and each of the standard stacked tray unit can be done, each of the stack of goods unit closer to a cube, In order toStatIstical calculations shipments, arrange pick-tonnage trucks.

Auto Parts rack

yet simple custom Auto Parts rack good looks, reasonable structure, solid and durable, strong load-bearing capacity ,, free to fold, can make full use of space, more than I hope for your help!