Auto parts maintenance cycle you know

each Car by the tens of thousands of component parts, which can not all be tens of thousands of spare parts for maintenance replacement in a certain period, but we belong to some parts of consumable parts required in the course of daily driving timely maintenance, to identify problems, let the Car in good working condition.

First, the spark plug maintenance: 15 000 km

The spark plug Is an important engine ignition components, its main function Is to ignite the engine cylinder combustion chamber of a combustible mixture gas, therefore, the efficiency of the spark plug for the Car has a very important role. A spark plug needs to be cleaned and checked when

Generally, a gasoline engine Automobiles each with 10,000 or 15,000 km.

When a Car traveling to a certain number of kilometers, the spark plug Will generate coke, electrode gap also increases coke make increases engine fuel consumption, increase in the spark plug gap Will cause start difficulties and other Issues.

At thIs time, the electrode portion may have a Carbon dirt and soaked in gasoline or alcohol, to soften and then brushed with a brush under, can not remember roasted way be removed.

If the spark plug to the life cycle, it Is necessary to be replaced. Under normal circumstances an ordinary spark plug life cycle Is 15,000 kilometers, while the long-lasting spark plug, but also 30,000 kilometers.

Second, the brakes of the life cycle: 30,000 km

brake maintenance for our driving safety Is critical, in general, once every 30,000 km check the brakes can be. Of course, the Car and driver in accordance with different periods also need to be adjusted accordingly.

was kind of like if you step on the accelerator the driver slammed on the brakes, your brake wear Will be relatively severe, life would be relatively short, it may be necessary to the maintenance cycle 20,000 km check again.

We can estimate the daily Car in two ways whether brake pads need to be replaced. First, use the “lIsten”, if accompanied by the hIss of iron rub iron while tapping the brakes, which represents the brake pads have exceeded the limit, need to be replaced.

Second, a “see” observedWhether the brakes dashboard warning lights. General indicators are off state, when a brake failure or excessive wear digital dIsplay, a warning light comes on.

when the warning lights, brake dIsc Is worn to the limit, the braking effect has been reduced, greatly affect traffic safety, so we recommend regularly check brake dIsc wear condition to see whether it can be used, but do not just take Warning Light. In addition, the need for regular replacement of brake fluid in the brake part as well.

usually normal vehicle traveling 40,000 km or continuously for more than two years should be replaced. Different types and brands of brake oil do not mix. Due to the different formulation, mixing brake fluid can cause brake oil index fell, reducing brake reliability.

Third, the battery maintenance cycle: 2–3 years

battery dIsuse, it Will slowly self-dIscharge, end of life. Therefore, for long-term parking of vehicles, should be initiated at regular intervals once, to charge the battery.

comprIses a battery check routine to check the battery wires loose connections. If a loose wire connectors, current Will not be a smooth output or input, thus affecting the efficiency of the electrical system of the vehicle, while also directly reduce battery life.

on the dashboard of the Car, there Will be a battery fault light pattern, which Is the Car “charging system warning light”, when the vehicle Is started, if the fault light still lit, the Car’s charging system proves faulty.

General Automotive battery life to 2 – 3 years, original Car battery can be used more than three years. So if your battery has been used for almost two years, we should note that it Is possible life has expired.

Most Cars are now equipped with maintenance-free batteries, neat appearance, and easy observation, has a viewing aperture on the battery, the normal state for the green, but other colors if not green (color different manufacturers ), the battery lifetime Is reached, the need for timely replacement.

Fourth, the “three filter”

“three filter” Is an air cleaner, oil filter and fuel filter collectively. “Three filter” for play to extend the life of the engineCrucial role.

1, the air cleaner: 5000km

The air cleaner Is one of the important components of the engine system, the role of which Is to remove sand and dirt into the engine intake system, maintenance of the engine cylinders , pIstons and pIston rings, prolong engine life.

Usually a cleaning with 5000km. Remove the filter cleaning should be gently tapping the end face, with a compressed air blowing machine from the inside out, to remove dust on the core, do not wash with water or gasoline, with 25000km the air filter needs to be replaced.

2, oil filter: 5000km-8000km

oil without oil filter directly into the lubricating oil passage, the debrIs Will be brought into the oil contained in the oil passage in accelerated wear of parts, reduce the life of the engine. The role of the oil filter Is to filter debrIs, gum and oil in the water, each lubrication pumping clean oil.

frequently used Cars, each traveling 8000km, replace the oil filter. Under adverse conditions, such as frequent driving on a dusty road, should be replaced every driving 5000km. Timely replacement of the oil filter, oil impurities and dirt particles, can be filtered out.

Thus, the oil into the oil passage Is very clean, particulate matter can effectively prevent abrasion caused by the engine member. After the cleaner use of a certain time, it Will be attached to a lot of dirt on the filter, so the filter should be changed regularly.

If only the replacement of oil without replacing the oil filter, then about 25% of the pollutants within the old oil filter Will re-enter the circulation, not only increases the chance of wear and tear, also reduces the performance of the new engine oil. In general, the oil and oil filter should also be replaced.

3, air filter: half

corresponds to an Automobile air conditioning filter “mask”, its role Is to filter out dust and impurities in the air, to ensure that the engine can operate normally. While preventing the inlet bacteria, produce Car smell and even affect the health of occupants of the Car.

to replace the air conditioning filter air time mainly depends on the quality of location, under normal circumstances the country, Air filter vehicle maintenance cycle Is about 10,000 km once, while vehicles in the haze more serious cases, it Is best replaced every six months.

Fourth, shock absorber: 100,000 km

The main shock absorber Is to make close contact with the road surface of the tire, in order to manipulate the vehicle. It Is one of the vulnerable parts of the Car used in the process, their work Is good or bad, Will directly affect the life of the vehicle driving stability and other components. In severe cases, the driver Will lose control over the road, which Is very dangerous.

usually inspected once every 100 000 km service intervals between damper, different shock absorbers, different models may have slight differences.

Further, when the shock absorber with daily beep, thIs may be because the damper spring plate, frame or shaft collide, and damage or loss damping pad dust tube deformation Is caused by lack of oil and other reasons, reasons should be identified, to be repaired.

In fact, each vehicle’s maintenance cycle should be determined according to customary vehicles, such as your Car often run high-speed, or driving more intense, and that Will certainly be the maintenance cycle Is relatively short. So for a personal Car habit, timely inspection and maintenance of the Car, to make our Car more comfortable and safe.