Auto parts giant was born: its ultra-fifty thousand employees, annual revenue of up to more than two hundred billion

As we all know, a good Car manufacturing company Is inseparable from the dIstinctive design of the Car, in addition, the selection of Auto parts Is extremely important part. To thIs end, those Auto parts enterprIses are often the lifeblood of the Auto industry thIs. The Weichai Group Is the leader in U.S.’s Auto parts enterprIses lies.

can be learned in the “2020 US Auto parts enterprIses hundred” lIst publIshed in the show thIs year, Weichai Group Is the largest Automotive parts parts business, its annual revenue reached 235.373 billion yuan, respectively, followed by Chinese domain Car (revenue of 157.17 billion yuan), New York Hainachuan (58.8 billion yuan) ranked second and third.

which, Weichai Group Is not only U.S.’s largest Auto parts company in the world, the industry also ranked ninth position. In addition, billions of revenue broken a total of 27 companies on the lIst. Of these, only Weichai Group revenue exceeded two hundred billion.

As U.S.’s largest Auto parts company, Weichai Group since its inception in 1946, already has 70 years of hIstory.

In the first, it’s just one of Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, mainly produces diesel engine products. During thIs period, Weichai Group from Austria introduced a package of heavy-duty vehicle projects, but it Is also a project that Weichai Group to make further away from glory.

At the time, slow and steady Weichai Group Will have a production capacity of three series engines, developed over four hundred products. In the mid-nineties, companies with annual sales up to 940 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) Will be able to, its strength Is evident.

However, it Is worth noting that high light moment Weichai Group did not last long. With the upgrading of U.S.’s manufacturing industry, a large number of enterprIses in the process of transition are faced with loss, collapse and other obstacles. Even the good development of Weichai Group in the crIsIs, performance plummeted, the fate of the enterprIse was once on the verge of collapse. It can be said that thIs Is Weichai Group’s depth of experience “life and death” a very real one.

However, it Is also thIs time of crIsIs, letWeichai Group did break after standing. To reverse the situation, the newly appointed head of Tan Xuguang, the company conducted a comprehensive reform, he Will be a high-speed machine main business spun off the formal establIshment of Weichai Power. And, in order to improve the company’s core technology, in order to develop a higher-performance engine, Weichai put tentacles out into the Austrian AVL company (one of the world’s three major internal combustion engine R & D), and establIshed a joint R & D center.

In a series of measures to Tan Xuguang, Weichai Group Is also well weathered the crIsIs, began to turn around. By 2004, the company’s annual sales topped ten billion yuan, and also create the most complete and most powerful heavy-duty vehicle industry chain.

In addition to wind and water in the country, Weichai Group in overseas layout of the rain-delayed counterparts envy. In 2009, business spending huge sums to acquire the French company Bo Social Security. The acquIsition not only harvest the products and technologies, but also opened the door to international companies. After that, the Weichai Group also has acquired Italian Ferretti, Germany KION other industry giants to further enhance its own core technology strength and international reputation.

After these 70 years of development hIstory, the moment of Weichai Group Is one of the strongest comprehensive strength Automobile and equipment manufacturing groups in U.S.. In U.S., it Is an internal combustion engine research and development, manufacturing and sales of key enterprIses; in foreign countries, it Is a high-tech, high-performance, high-quality service enterprIses.

According to statIstics, the number of employees worldwide Weichai Group has over 5 million in the first half of thIs year, Weichai Group’s revenue has reached 140.3 billion yuan, an increase of 15.7%. In addition, Weichai Group ranked the “top 500 US companies in 2020” on 87, “2020 US manufacturing companies and 500” 27, “2020 US 100 large multinational companies,” the first 22.

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