Auto exposure, high temperature paint impact of cars on the really big? Summer Is the interior fIshes!


“Great Heat,” the weather Is always hot. The sun in the sky, the main attention sure the Car you drive to avoid exposure, because of the ravages of the sun, bring the Car damage Is not just hot heat only.

First, the exposure to high temperature paint big impact on you?

There are four main Automotive paint layer, the first layer Is an electrophoretic paint, mainly rust; the second layer Is a paint, mainly UV; the third layer Is a color paint, thIs Is our Car body color; the fourth floor varnIsh, mainly to allow the body with a shiny and anti-stoning.

but the paint layer 4 Car Is not please painters brush up, it must be “over-bake” the. ThIs time around it can reach a temperature of 200 degrees, so that the paint through the paint and the secondary leveling melt in a high temperature dry environment, in order to leave so good specular gloss after dryness.

Thus, the paint Is more resIstant to high temperatures, the summer sun paintwork damage Is relatively large in fact, ultraviolet light, rather than heat.

Second, the interior more injured after exposure!

Different Automobile paint Is not high temperature Automotive interior. Exposure in the Car, the Car interior damage not only to the sun’s ultraviolet, but also by the high temperature of torment Car.

Sun UV rays can lead to accelerated aging Car interior, leading to Car accessories, dashboard and leather aging one of the main fade. Some owners Will give Car stickers glass film, as the sun Is insulated, high-quality window glass film can UV rays, protect the Car interior.

However, ultraviolet light Is not the only reason for the Car interior aging, sun exposure, the Car Will continue to accumulated Carbon dioxide, many times owners can clearly feel the Car hotter than the temperature inside the Car. US study found that, when the temperature reached 35 ℃, sunlight for 15 minutes and blocked in the Car can be raIsed to a temperature above 65 ℃. Under high temperature, leather Car seat Is easy to film rupture, intradermalNutrients Will be a lot evaporation loss at high temperatures, so that the rapid aging of leather seats and dull. Interior plastic parts under high temperature exposure Will release an unpleasant plastic taste, especially pungent in the hot Carriage.

against ultraviolet radiation, Automotive interior glass protection film, and against the high temperature, as there are seats Leather invIsible protective sleeve! InvIsible seat cover can form a protective layer on the composite differential leather, leather upholstery penetrate deep nourIshing, anti-aging Is not only effective, but also long-term resIstance to dirt, corrosion, anti-friction, to help owners easily keep the Car health and extend seat leather chair life.

If the Great Heat throttle, Cars and what needs attention, then it should be Is in the tank and tires! Summer tire pressure Is a major event, check and adjust the tire pressure, tire avoid as much as possible! But also remember to check the water tank, it Is a good engine cooling to prevent “boil.”