Authentic 1980s American flavor – Chevrolet Corvette C4

as the most representative of the spirit of American sports Car, born in 1953 Corvette Cars entering its fourth generation model in 1984, code-named C4 Corvette in the design and appearance of the original classic Stingray appearance has no small change, a significant change from the classic streamline design 80’s pop Founder line, but under the hood Is still a V8 engine, passing the most authentic American muscle spirit.

compared to other Car works, especially the style tricks are a particularly large number of early American Car, the Corvette Is actually relatively long product cycles, but General Motors factory as early as in the late 1970s began the fourth generation Corvette models of development, but due to various factors, led to C4 has been delayed to 1984, it was officially handed the long-awaited customers.

C4 Corvette changed appearance model previous three flow lines, a bit less classical atmosphere, replaced by more specific to the element’s 80 from the front, lift light hidden until the roof and rear, all by the hard straight lines posed, but still retains the classic four round lamp design.

the most dynamic part of the course to maintain the classic large dIsplacement V8 engines, ranging from the late type ZR1 250hp to 400hp horsepower L98, but not launch supercharged version.

anniversary depot Is a favorite with marketing practices, particularly for the depot or Cars has a long hIstory of blood, the introduction of the anniversary Car has not just in order to stimulate consumption, but also shoulder the tradition of mIssion, and Is almost synonymous with American Corvette sports Car, the body and of course thIs past with the future great responsibility.

The time came in 1993, when the 40th anniversary comes Corvette Cars, the Chevrolet factory of course, a matter of course to C4 Cars based on the introduction of the 40th anniversary of the Car. However, thIs Car with us now for the anniversary edition of cognitive anniversary Car Is somewhat different. Sales embodiment

40 anniversary Corvette Car kit using additional purchase, onlyThere are 1993 a year, at 21,590 units Corvette year 1993 among a total of about 6,750 vehicles to buy, code-named “Z25” of the 40th anniversary suite. Any optional Z25 package commemorative Car, the appearance of precious stones are dark red, dark red interior Is made of high color and texture of the body color, the convertible version of the hood Is also configured using dark red, inside and outside the elements each other well. On the appearance of the body Will have a 40th anniversary logo.

In June 1996, the last one C4 Corvette off the line, ending a 12-year product cycle, more modern Cars C5 in 1997 officially come out, led thIs classic American sports Car towards a new era.