Aston Martin 3.0 Twin-Turbo V6 engine details of recent exposure

for Aston Martin, the powertrain’s actually not that much choice over the years mainly with Mercedes AMG purchase their engines, so are all introductory paragraph 4.0LV8 twin-turbo engine, but after being subjected to increasingly stringent EU emIssion requirements specification, Mercedes AMG engine had intended to retire these units, thIs way also indirectly led to the Aston Martin engine can not use. So Aston Martin has announced that it Will develop its own new engine, but Will not be the V8, but the V6 turbocharged engine, and Will be the main driver of the next generation of

if spread out over the past hIstory of Aston Martin engine development, can be found in the brand since 1968 there Is no longer a self-developed engine, so thIs brand new V6 turbo engine It Will be renewed for up to 52 years of independent research and development engine. And thIs engine, code-named TM01 Is a tribute AstonMertin1950年代的著名工程师 TadekMarek abbreviation from now, thIs engine has a series of extensive tests.

Aston Martin did not dIsclose a lot of information, but can be found in the press release TM01 engine dIsplacement of 3.0L , while the thermal type V configuration, i.e. the two turbochargers As in V-angle, with the entire weight of the engine Is less than 200kg. Of course, a combination of popular HYBRID power an electric motor and a battery configuration Is not absent, but the battery capacity to support a larger, more powerful motor power plug-in hybrid (PHEV) to achieve more power output.

After all, the United States in order to comply with stringent EU emIssion requirements, narrow cylinder, gasoline-electric system to deploy these two characterIstics are essential, but also the original hanging promIsed TM01 can already meet the EU requirements have not yet seven sewage the road. ThIs power in the future Will all be used in other Cars who value Will be adjusted depending on the product requirements. DBSSuperleggera before the

Comparative 5.2LV12Engine point of view, TM01 maximum horsepower engine Will be more than 700, and the weight of the engine a lot of lightweight design, engine body of less than 200 kg. It Will be more powerful than the current classic V12 power system. As for which Car Will be equipped with thIs first self-developed engine? Original expressed in 2022 Will be the first released in the mid-engined flagship superCar Valhalla, follow-up Will continue to apply to other Cars, Will continue to use the exIsting Vantage Mercedes AMG4.0V8 turbine, until the next generation of new models launched until.