Asked one thousand car 100, No. 2 Shu cars Why should the gearbox?

Why should Car gearbox design thIs institution, can not be driven directly by the engine with the throttle to adjust the speed of it? ThIs sounds like common sense, many people Will blurt out the answer: You can not. However, for reasons can not, but few people can give a systematic interpretation. Today, we are concerned that thIs was not included in the body of the four parts of the gearbox, exactly what Is the role of them in the Car. Prior to cutting the power transmIssion to achieve neutral

In illustrate thIs problem:

Function a first of all we need to know a noun – idling. Conventional engines because of their physical characterIstics and the requirements for daily use mobility in order to ensure the vehicle has a good comfort, even if not step on the gas, the engine still running at 600-1000 revolutions per minute. ThIs time can not be cut off if the power Is still transmitted to the wheels, does not meet our daily needs.

Perhaps you Will say: Automatic start and stop now would not idle ah. The popularity of the start-stop system does look basically bypassed thIs condition, but also at the expense of vehicle maneuverability and comfort of the premIse. Imagine the moment the engine stopped, the air conditioning stopped, the machine Is ready to start work, the engine temperature drop caused by jitter and noIse started again when, in fact, far better to let the vehicle idle for a few minutes Is much more practical (also start and stop Is forced emIssion requirements). Therefore, the transmIssion from shifting to the neutral position, the engine power Is no longer transmitted to the wheels, while also interrupting the power to maintain the normal operation of other parts of the vehicle, people get a better driving experience.

the role of two: change the gear ratio of the reduction by twIsting

For passenger Cars we use every day, the after engine start speed basically have more than 600 rpm, at full speed Is 5000 rpm or more, and for certain high-performance sports Car racing Is even, even more than the maximum speed of 10,000 rpm. But if such a high speed directly reflected in the wheel, I am afraid that the Car Will fly up. So another major role in the transmIssion of “deceleration” inIt reflected here out. By the same as the mountain bike transmIssion mechanIsm, the transmIssion ratio change, engine speed into the speed actually required.

concept to increase torque fact a very good understanding, for the average 2.0L engine, torque Is about 190Nm. ThIs force Is not large. That Is, put a bucket of bottled water power, but Why it can drive a Car? That Is a credit gearbox. The need to overcome the static friction when the vehicle Is started and the vehicle Is driven forward, so the need Is great power. Or are we just an example mountain bike, front wheel replaced at thIs time if the pinion, the rotation into large gear (low gear) to enhance torque, so the start Will be very easy; after the speed gradually lifted, do not need that when high torque, it becomes possible to shift “in front of the large gear, the pinion gear back” (high range) to lift the vehicle speed.

three functions: to change the direction of power to achieve reverse gear

eloquent Having said that, explain thIs still further commonplace to mention physical properties of the engine. That Is, the gasoline engine can not reverse thIs knowledge, because the engine intake and exhaust independence, the gasoline engine Is not allowed Is not possible reversal. But if you want to reverse how to do it, which rely on the gearbox. Through the intermediate gear “A Negative positive” action Is transmitted, the forward power Is switched to the backward original achieve reverse gear.

With the progress of science and technology with the driver in the form of diversification, now in the form of transmIssion Is also advancing with the times. In addition to conventional MT, AMT, AT, CVT, dual-clutch gearbox, also appeared in the form of a wide variety of transmIssion ECVT, sequential and the like. Especially in the era of rapid development of electric vehicles, due to the physical characterIstics of the motor (power climbing fast), transmIssion concept has become increasingly blurred. Maybe in the future, the Car can really “no transmIssion” of the.

against “Why should Auto gearbox” Is boring and interesting question today to share with you here. For the future of thIs complex machine Car has 10,000 parts, we also want to say a lot, if youTo learn knowledge of a Car, you can also leave a message to tell me.