Around 2020 Buyers guide Daquan, allowing you to skillfully avoid the “pit”, save money more peace of mind!

blink of an eye, 2020 Is over half the time, and now the Car has become indIspensable in our lives means of transport, the Car has become increasingly important in our lives, the country currently five Cars prices fell, buy the country five Car Is a lot more friends, buy a Car in the 4S shop, full of routine, so when we buy a Car, you should pay attention to what the problem? 2020 Buyers guide Daquan came and asked you to skillfully avoid the “pit”, save money more peace of mind!

we have thIs awareness when buying a Car before buying a Car, you should consider what models they want to choose, how much of your budget, Car originally we, as a means of transport home, to choose according to their actual situation, the first thing to consider when buying a Car we need their family Car or need SUV, then to choose the brand followed in the choice of configurations depending on the Car model family needed and then determine a good Car, we can go to 4s shops or the Motor show to test drive the vehicle at the Auto show if the staff let us pay the deposit before they can test, must not be paid at thIs time, when the vehicle does not need to test drive pay any fees, just to pay our driver’s license.

Test drive the Car when not only Care about the configuration of the destination you want to go with a test, the advantages and dIsadvantages of thIs Car hard to feel satIsfied if test drive after determining their own models, we can more running 4s to other stores to see if the sales price of each store, and ultimately choose their own, and then talk with the 4s shop price we must dIscuss the various offers and send 4S shop Automotive supplies, when set Cars 4s shop signed a contract, we must look at the specific cost, to finalize the contract above delivery time.

when buying a Car, we Will encounter problems or money loans, Car loans and now there are many families, of course, preferential loans bigger than some of the intensity of the preceding paragraph, but in fact, both the full amount to buy a Car or a loan to buy a Car, we must go to choose according to their actual economic capacity, be sure to ask before installment loans, for example, how much Is the down payment? The loan and how much interest it? how many? These Issues all clear to go sign the contract.

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