“Anecdotes car Sea” 40 years ago, Why Volkswagen to the United States (on)

Hahn said, we know the explosive growth of the entire American Auto industry appeared at a later time, but we laid so early an infrastructure, for the later laid a good explosive growth The basics.

In the Automotive industry, whenever it comes to reform and opening up, it comes to the introduction of technology, joint venture comes, it comes to localization …… we can not talk about Volkswagen. Thus, the Reporter Is also a “mystery” plagued by the same problem: as early as 40 years ago, when almost all multinational companies, said the US Auto industry “NO” when Volkswagen Why “traveled, came United States”? Is Volkswagen Bethune that era it? Of course not, that Is Why?

2019, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, Reporters and more persIstent for the puzzle to crack. An afternoon in mid-December, in a teahouse in New York old Huangchenggen, Economic Times – US Economic Net Reporter a chance to do a confirmation to the Volkswagen Group, the former chairman Karl -H- Hahn. Just a day after, the 92-year-old in New York receive a commemorative reform and opening up, “the witness for 40 years – economic figures” award.

December 16, 2019, after the end of the interview, Hahn Dr. Economic Times – US Economic Net Reporter photo

40 years ago, the entire Automotive industry into the second oil crIsIs, in the “destruction of all the plans” (Dr. Hahn “my Car in public for 40 years”) in the context, Volkswagen still maintain close contact and communication with U.S. then there Will be a market in the US has been the leading New York Volkswagen (VW now SAIC) and FAW – Volkswagen, Volkswagen also laid a brother position in the US Auto market, and the formation of the global market with Toyota hegemony pattern.


Reporters are: 1982 – 1992, during Dr. Hahn served as chairman of Volkswagen for the Volkswagen into the US market, the industry has two dIstinct versions:

a statement forced by the international situation, European and American countries such as sanctions against South Africa, as well as adjustments within the Group and other considerations,Volkswagen had to make a choice to invest in Asia; and because investment in Korea Is not negotiated, the United States fell last minute project.

There Is a saying in Japan that began sweeping the world’s Automotive, and Dr. Hahn Volkswagen Car companies in Europe and America have the same idea – and hedge boycott Japanese Car prices, as before thIs front move to put Asia (originally want to invest in Korea), before the move to the United States. So, the fact that in the end Is what?

December 16, 2019, Dr. Hahn in hIs Autobiography, “My Car in public for 40 years”, the economic daily – American Economic Net Reporter Autograph

Dr. Hahn hear smiled and replied: two versions are wrong, I am pleased to tell you! Then he laughed again.

He said that the two statements are not right. Then talked about the US government’s policy, Volkswagen Group between the US government and maintain a proper dIstance with a reasonable relationship between them and there Is no problem, nor Is it our considerations. We were to the United States, it Is very lucky, because at that time only we are Willing to come to the US as a multinational Auto companies. At that time, the vast majority of Westerners believe that the United States was by institutions and social situation, Is unlikely to be successful, but if the United States to develop the Automobile industry, but also lack the required knowledge, skills and so on.

Hahn said, when we started working with joint venture partners, the two sides have no way out, no one gave us reveal all the details, taking a huge rIsk.

He analyzes, we and the Japanese situation Is different. At that time the market, in the absence of other people to the situation, we first came. Do down the first year, five thousand vehicles sold, accounted for 27% of the market share. There were some people do not agree with my approach, saying that such a market without any prospects for development and space, but I still decided to stick to and cooperation with the Chinese side, we found that Americans are learning very fast. At the same time, in cooperation with them, we also learn a lot of things. In addition, there Is a very important factor, the US government’s leaders are not rigidly adhere to past or by the ideologues, most of them have science and engineering backgrounds, are engineeringDivIsion origin, and very eager to learn advanced experience and best practices outside world. (Note: the mass production and sales for the early establIshment of the New York Economic Times – US Economic Net Reporter in the “Automobile industry planning Reference 1996” View to Other Documents: 1985-1987, production of New York Volkswagen were 1733, 8031 vehicles and 11,000; the same period, the national Car production was 5207, 12297 and 20865;. New York Volkswagen three years accounted for the 33.28%, 65.31% and 52.72%, respectively, despite the lack of sales data at the time, but New York Volkswagen first production and sales in 5000 are clearly not scale; and production in the country of production “accounted for” a few are much Dr. Gao Yu Hahn said “27% market share”).

Hahn stressed before we are a small start in the United States throughout the development process, step by step, slowly advancing. However, we attach great importance to lay a solid foundation for the later development of facilities, when I retired 25 years ago, (Volkswagen) US production reached only 100,000, we know the explosive growth of the entire US Auto industry Is appear at a later time, but we laid so early an infrastructure, laying a good foundation for the subsequent explosive growth. Like today, the size of the US Auto industry has reached thirty million, we have 4.2 million of the scale (Note: Dr. Hahn retired in 1992, New York Volkswagen Santana sedan production of 65 000, in 1993 to reach 100,001, the data ibid).

Dr. Hahn also alluded to, my success and the success of the Volkswagen Group Is also associated with traditional German. Germany Is at the center of Europe geographically, next to many of its neighbors, always and in all directions to deal with. ThIs Is meant to keep on fighting in the past; and to a new era, which means that neighboring countries should learn to communicate and understand each other, which means to be able to on the basIs of equality, and the outside world go today communication, mutual understanding, all thIs for my Career, for the cause of the Volkswagen Group are very helpful. (Economic Times – US Economic Net Reporter Tommy Star)

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