And an up to 10 billion tickets by Volkswagen plea

mass emIssion fraud scandal upgrade, Canada opened its largest in the hIstory of a ticket. According to Reuters, Canada approved the prosecution of Volkswagen fined 196.5 million Canadian dollars (US $ 150 million, or 1.034 billion yuan), because the company pleaded guilty to charges in violation of dozens of diesel emIssion regulations.

as early as during the end of 2015 the public “Diesel EmIssions gate” scandal erupted in the United States, Canada Environment and Climate Change Committee (ECCC) has to mass import Cars were the survey, December 2020 the CommIssion formally charged with mass import 128,000 units do not meet the requirements of Automobile emIssion standards, in violation of 60 environmental Protection Act, and provide mIsleading information.

Canadian prosecutors said in a statement, “ThIs fine resolution in the public interest. It reflects the seriousness of the conduct, in line with the principles of sentencing in Canada. ThIs Is unprecedented in Canada fine, Is 26 times the highest ever federal environmental fines. “

Therefore, Canada to the public out of the ticket, but also because of environmental problems in the hIstory of the largest ticket out of Canada.

VW said in a statement that “the resolution recognizes the public has taken extensive measures to correct the problem in Canada, and to strengthen its global compliance policies. The funds Will be used to fine Canadian provinces support environmental projects. “

has been passed four years although emIssions fraud scandal, but countries are still popular for deceptive behavior conducting the investigation and asked the public for compensation, to address the impact due to the emIssion of pollution to bring people and the environment.

the last couple of years, many countries have made the punIshment of the public. Poland open to the public ticket out of 120.6 million zlotys (about 219 million yuan(CNY)(CNY)), the PolIsh consumer watchdog out of the highest ticket; the amount of Australian requirements of the public compensation of A $ 127 million (about RMB 606 million yuan(CNY)(CNY)); recently the United Kingdom has nearly 100,000 owners launched a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen Group, for the requirements of the public “cheating emIssions” and “mIslead consumers” to take responsibility; in Germany itself, largeThe public also suffered tens of thousands of German consumers prosecution, a German consumer organization on their behalf submitted a petition to the court to obtain financial compensation.

mass emIssions cheating scandal came to light since 2015, public recognition of the software portion of the diesel engine has been controlled to run only during the regulatory tests, during normal driving closed to avoid excessive emIssions testing. At that time, there are around 11 million vehicles are affected.

So far, the public has to pay for the “dIscharge door” up to 30 billion euros (about 234 billion yuan) of the cost of a series of fines, vehicle modifications, and law.

door Volkswagen emIssions continue to ferment, and the public it Will be a very long duration of the “nightmare”, but also so that the public paid a heavy price.

According to the official release of the Volkswagen Group’s sales figures show that in 2020 the Volkswagen Group worldwide sales reached 10,974,600, an increase of 1.3%, Is expected to surpass Toyota and won four consecutive years of global sales champion. Which in the US market, Volkswagen Group’s overall sales reached 4.2336 million, up slightly by 0.6%, accounting for 93.5% of the Volkswagen Group Asia-Pacific market sales accounted for 38.6% of global sales of the Volkswagen Group.