AnalysIs of the differences between car diesel engines as well as electric and petrol engine

analyzed the differences between the Cars with gasoline engines and diesel engines as well as electric engine, 10 years ago, when a small partner to pick Cars, mostly just decided to choose gasoline or diesel powered. But with the emergence of new dynamic in recent years, small partners can choose the power system more and more. However, these power systems What strengths and weaknesses of each? And for what purpose? Benpian topic Will come as little friends simple instructions common powered internal combustion engines: gasoline, diesel, and a new power system for nearly 10 years before maturing: Hybrid, the advantages and dIsadvantages of electric Cars and different characterIstics.

first want to talk about, of course, as has been the source of more than 100 years of Automotive power gasoline engine. Gasoline engine has been developed for a long time, although the internal combustion engine technology Is still continuing progress, but the overall gasoline-powered technology Is quite mature. In addition, the manufacturing cost of the gasoline engine Is relatively cheap, so there Is still the main driving force on the market. The lighter weight of the gasoline engine, coupled with recent years, Car manufacturers continue to optimize and reduce the amount of exhaust gas, adding turbocharging system, so that the efficiency of gasoline engines on the rIse, and even some fuel-efficient gasoline engine has been able to keep pace with the diesel engine. And gasoline Is undoubtedly the most common source of fuel and most readily available, so the market Is still the most widely used in power systems.

on the dynamic characterIstics of the gasoline engine operating speed range broader, thIs feature in addition to Car manufacturers in engine tuning more elasticity than the higher speed limit and pleasant engine noIse also make gasoline engines as the preferred blood fans. When running, the gasoline engine has a more delicate operation quality, like a small engine vibration, low noIse, etc., suitable for people who pay attention to comfort. Above mentioned are the advantages of gasoline engines, but the drawback Is it? With the rIse of the electric system, the number of internal combustion engines Will gradually shrink and may even dIsappear in the market. In addition, the gasoline engine Is still not high in thermal efficiency, even if the market Is currently the most efficient petrol engine, the thermal efficiency Is only limited up and down by 40%. Price volatility of gasoline Is also large, with non-petroleum sustainable energy, there Is always one day dry up, making the gasoline engine Will be eliminated gradually.

the same as the internal combustion engine, a diesel engine has a slightly higher thermal efficiency than gasoline engines. ThIs Is due to high compression diesel engine running characterIstics than plus lean combustion. Diesel engines have a much longer life than gasoline engines and the degree of durability, less fuel consumption, lower CO2 emIssions, so once regarded as a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly power systems. Diesel engine can provides very excellent in low-speed torque, low-speed acceleration allow more relaxed, high torque diesel engine with excellent load towing capacity but also make them commercial vehicles and heavy-duty vehicle powertrain mainstream. Low fuel consumption of a diesel engine under the long-dIstance use even more significant, there are some models with diesel fuel consumption in long dIstance even ahead of some hybrid models, and therefore very suitable for the needs of Car owners often have long dIstances. After

However, diesel engines and diesel green bubble has burst scandal in the total collapse of the Volkswagen Group, although the diesel engine has a lower greenhouse gas emIssions, However, the nitrogen oxides NOx which the exhaust gas and PM2.5 aerosols which contain but Will harm the human body. Because of thIs, there are already some areas even started planning policy prohibits diesel vehicles entering the metropolitan area, in addition to diesel vehicles also levied a higher tax rate. Also costly to manufacture diesel engines, which also led to the diesel models Will be priced higher than gasoline models come. And although the cost of the diesel engine on routine maintenance Will be slightly lower than gasoline engines, but once the engine problems, maintenance costs are usually quite high, so the overall cost of maintenance Is not bound to gasoline engines popular. The diesel engines and gasoline engines with the same problem of instability of oil prices.

Hybrid Chinese hybrid Is, in simple terms, Is a combination of internal combustion engines (typically petrol) and the electric motor and the battery modules, two different in the form of a set of integrated power system. Hybrid vehicle power system Is considered to be converted from internal combustion engines to transition among electric system process, but also allow the engine to the internal combustion engine efficiency Is further improved. With the aid under the electric system, Hybrid power can be provided by an electric motor at low speeds in charge of power, internal combustion engines are mainly responsible for running at a high speed in the field more efficient, and by the powerAuxiliary brake system to further reduce fuel consumption. ThIs way, Hybrid system under low speed environment, we can have a very low exhaust emIssions, making the Hybrid quite ideal for driving slower metropolitan area, while fuel consumption than gasoline engines Will usually be a lot of good and do not have toxic diesel engine exhaust problem.

Because with the internal combustion engine, so Hybrid Cars do not need to worry about battery life, even if the lack of electricity also can rely on internal combustion engines to travel, and fuel made also more easy and convenient. Under electric technology in recent years, rapid development, Hybrid technology Is already quite mature, under the technology continues to improve, the advantages of Hybrid systems have begun to overwhelm the diesel engine, so in the near future Hybrid system Will have the opportunity to fully replace diesel passenger Cars the status of the engine.

Hybrid system but still has some shortcomings, the biggest problem Is probably the high manufacturing costs and end prices. In addition, Hybrid Is a more complex dynamic systems, difficulty in relatively under maintenance, the cost Will be higher. In addition to the Hybrid sports Car performance in pursuit of health section, the general economic efficiency for passenger Hybrid usually small dIsplacement Is mounted, force weaker combustion engine, plus the weight of the battery module’s Hybrid System make a substantial increase in vehicle weight, thus making the performance of the majority of Hybrid Cars Is low.

In addition, when Hybrid Cars run out of power, although the internal combustion engine Is able to take over its continued operation and charging the battery, but thIs time the Car Is equal to more than hundreds useless kg of weight, these dIsadvantages are to be considered as a cause transition Hybrid products. Pure electric power system has been regarded as the next trend system powered Cars. The use of the electric power, electric Cars and therefore does not emit any exhaust gases in operation, and without consuming any fuel. Also very quiet and smooth operation of the electric system that allows the comfort of passenger Cars increased dramatically. The electric motor can instantly broke out and no hysteresIs power output characterIstics also make the electric Car has excellent acceleration performance, Is now able to both save energy and sexPower system energy.

In order to promote electric vehicles in many parts of the world have preferential subsidies for electric Cars, slightly lower cost of ownership of electric vehicles. In addition, in the absence of an internal combustion engine, the mechanical structure of the electric Car Is quite simple, just a battery and electric motor, which makes the electric Car Is very easy to maintenance, the need for regular replacement of consumables Is also much less than the internal combustion engine. Part of the dIsadvantages, above all, has not reduced manufacturing costs.


Even the lowest current market price of electric Cars in terms of price and still can not compete with cheap petrol models, which makes electric Cars still have a long dIstance popularity long way to go. The biggest obstacle to electric Cars Is shorter endurance and dIstribution density of the charging station, because the electric Car Is the new power system in recent years began to flourIsh, so density and ease of use of such infrastructure and charging stations are still far the traditional internal combustion engine.

endurance and Is closely related to battery technology, but one of the weaknesses of the current battery technology except endurance mostly falls within 300 kilometers away, Is also an electric vehicle charging speed. In a general household power supply, it Is usually several hours to be able to fully charge the electric vehicle, even if the high-speed charging station supplied by the manufacturer of electric vehicles, it takes about 30 minutes to at least be able to make the electric vehicle 80 % or so of electricity, limited battery life make the electric Car Is currently only suitable for short dIstance away and use in high-density metropolitan area charging station. In addition to these shortcomings, the electric Car Is quiet running characterIstics also have potential security threat to other road users.

more than a simple description of the differences between the four main forms of power on the market today. But sharp-eyed junior partner should find that thIs paper does not from an environmental point of view to compare the different power, because although the market generally believes Hybrid and electric vehicles are environmentally friendly symbol, but thIs Is only the emIssions at the mere traveling from Car point of view. Although the zero-emIssion electric Car Is, but if you delve into the source of power among the power generation module and a battery using a Carbon footprint of the production process included in the calculation, the electric Car Is not bound to continue to optimize the petrol engine now comes the ringPaul.

Therefore, regardless of its degree of environmental protection in different power, I simply edited the electric system as a new source of power, like in the past from the Carriage Development as for the steam engine, the development trend of the Car now just converted from internal combustion engines to more efficient electric system Bale. Environmental protection? As long as man-made things, it should be very difficult and real environmental slightest.