America’s future C-bit automotive design, created by here!

in 10 years, and Willing to buy brand Cars, very few people can say that, as long as the opening of its own brand Car, it Is easy to be labeled as one kind Will be forced, or label production tools. Many people mIstakenly think that Americans do not the world’s top-class design capability, thIs Is actually that Is not objective.

10 years ago, its own brand models main function Is cheap, durable, and as far as possible, the value of Yen level Is not the main purchase factor. Today, many excellent independent brands have come to the fore, Automotive circles have also been upgraded consumption, in addition to the Car to see the Big Three, space, a configuration can not be weak, and color values ​​of good and bad, to a large extent the impact of a Car sales, because the purchase of own-brand models, Will no longer be a choice.

In recent years, American Car design has shown a deep “American Brand”, and even many designs, one can see a lot of people, thIs Is an American Car, American the design, which Is how we should be proud of one thing.

For example, New York Automobile Chi Chuan set of highly recognizable “Gun-wing” front face, as well as original unique “light sculpture” styling language, especially GS8 after launch, sales of big sell quickly broken million, has become the industry but also the design trend of the benchmark, so that everyone can not help but marvel, the original independent brands also have not lost a joint venture brands even better design!

ThIs Is of course the chief architect of the sails of the credit ultimately leading design, Mercedes-Benz Is a German who was hired as the company headquarters lifelong Automotive styling designer legend, led the design team to create a new generation of high-end atmosphere Chi Chuan, it has obvious vIsual image of identification. For example, from 2015 lIsted Chi Chuan GS4, excellent product strength and tough face value to win the trust of a large number of consumers, become the mainstay of sales Chi Chuan series. Another successful GS8 Chi Chuan has become its own brand of high-end SUV models representative, and later the GS3, GM8 stars such as model design by consumers.

Now, if I tell you that you Will not only have the opportunity to show your own design brain holes, and the opportunity to join them, you heart it?

Yes, that Is the conduct of being hot in the 2019 New York Auto Design Contest!

Following the success of 2019, thIs year, New York Automobile Design Competition ushered in the second quarter. In the previous year a public contest, immediately attracting students from more than 72 major national universities outstanding design entries, only the first year to become the industry event held in the domestic Auto industry design talent of concern.

initiated a design competition by the Car companies really have any good works you? For the people of thIs idea, little training and preparation of new backhand top three players in the last year you work, the brain that hole, that sense of design Is absolutely world class standards!

of thIs year contest propositions – 2027 New York Automobile Intelligent Mobile Star models (2027 GAC MOBILITY ICON)

(New York Automobile Research Institute announced the contest sails proposition)

Why Is it 2027?

come, we take a moderation Kazakhstan, 2027 Cars, saying that white Is the Car the next decade. Ten years ago, our main demand for Cars Is a big space rugged durability, a decade after the consumer in addition to these basic needs, such as mobile phones, like Cars, need to take more smart travel, life partners, etc., can be said that, in addition to being a Car entry vehicles, we can more possibilities for Fu. Such as intelligent interaction, promote individuality, even unmanned.

macroscopic view, for the development of the Automotive industry in terms of technology, a decade Is a big span. Looking back over the past decade, U.S.’s Auto market in terms of popular models, configuration, or power systems have undergone enormous changes, and who would have thought a small dIsplacement turbo SUV Will be popular, who would have thought the Bluetooth alternative music CD player into the mainstream entertainment media who would have thought large color screen and man-machine Internet Will become the mainstream, according to the current trajectory, the future of new energy vehiclesIt could be the next leader do?

smart mobile models, thIs Is actually not the first time put forward the idea of ​​New York Automobile come, long before the contest, they designed a lovely Car, called iSPACE . ThIs iSPACE round circle of the brain, very cute, a look that Is a product of the future. As consumers really buy into thIs design? Brush vibrato when I found iSPACE New York Automobile Research Institute of the concept of video uploaded to the vibrato, we see more than two million of the sweet spot like to know how thIs Car fire.

iSPACE In addition to the appearance of Meng lovely stay, but the key Is out of the framework of the current traditional Car redefines the user demand for Cars, pioneered proposed “Car stops, life starts (limited Car space, unlimited Car life),” the concept Car, front and rear seat stitching a key to a comfortable double bed, driving mode and home mode to achieve the dramatic switch; and the Car within a full-immersive interactive entertainment experience, creating a set of people, vehicles, live entertainment in one innovative way to travel.

with the Car when the junior partner, with light to sell Meng you pull a face, a voice and you say hi Care about you, these seemingly fantasy design iSPACE body, all of them realize the smart move Is to the New York Automobile, really just casually out of a topic to talk about it.

Why New York Automobile Design Contest to engage in energy costs?

Do you think thIs Is just an ordinary contest it? NO, NO, NO!

the individual Is concerned, thIs practice Is not only time, but also an opportunity to achieve self-worth, so chances are also joining the excellent design team.

From the GS4, GS8 stars such as model point of view, New York Automobile tolerance for designers Is very high, the design itself very seriously. New York Automobile itself, spend so much energy to engage in a game, it Is the expression of a wide steam itself a positive developmentdetermination. On the one hand, thIs Is the time to absorb fresh blood, a good opportunity to keep the momentum of innovation. On the other hand, New York Automobile intended to use their own resources, to cultivate America’s best Automotive design seedling to help Native American designer rapid growth, thIs sense of social responsibility, my first little new New York Automobile fight CALL.

For our consumers, we say that the US Auto industry a hundred years of hard Petsch Riel, seriously think about their own brands do no good designer? The United States should not only sails C and several other designers, we want to see more “home-grown” young designers are flourIshing, most Americans understand, Why should not the American designer? The contest Is also an Issue more our voice to the world, and Is proud to show the world what a good opportunity to “Design By U.S.” Is.

heart it? Do not worry, may quicken the work

thIs year, New York Automobile Design Contest 2019 Will be sea election, promotion race, preliminaries, semi-finals, finals 5 competition, the contestants Will play together with the leader in Automotive design professionals from across the university.

major awards, including the winners of each one, Award of Excellence, Award of Excellence each three, as well as individual awards and participation award. More Excellence Award level players can get hands-on training to participate in GAC DESIGN, designer Sharon opportunities championship Is to get a chance New York Automobile Design Center in Los Angeles prospective internship , Is simply not too cool!

When you hesitate wandering, when the world Is so big, but if you move forward, the world Will become smaller. While now works collection date has not ended, yet enrollment little friends rush to participate in it. Finally, even if the hand Is dIsabled and unable to attend only silently concern, little new to say or think out loud:

Come on, American design!

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