American street car inventory to see American candidate concept car What’s the difference?

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“do not need Yao Hao, no high tariffs on imported Cars, there Is no limit line tail number, and no mandatory retirement, such a vehicle environment do you want it? “

To be honest when I finIsh thIs line of words, I personally also cool the inside out, but these do have some far away from us , such conditions can now only have overseas. US Auto market has been a wonderful presence, because a lot of differences in lifestyle, leading to the Sino-US riders demand for Cars Is also very different. Today thIs article for everyone inventory of more common on American roads some of the models in the United States Is the same street Car, such as the familiar presence of the Civic, Camry and other vehicles, and of course the US market sales crown the Ford F-150.

We always like to put on the way of common models called street Car, street Car models can be said that a direct reflection of thIs city or that country for vehicle needs and preferences, and today we count eight American street Cars, they are: the Honda Civic, Ford F-150, Chrysler Grand Voyager, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Viagra, Ford Mustang, Ford explorer and Toyota Camry. (In alphabetical order, according to the exchange rate of $ 6.90 conversion)

a street Car: Honda Civic

MSRP (Continental): 11.59-16.99 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

MSRP (US): US $ 1.94-2.73 Wan (13.39-18.84 million)

Civic recent years by the inexplicable speculation became God Car, second-day air seems to be seconds seconds to everyone ridicule mantra Civic. But the name Civic Is also not groundless, it repeatedly into the Top10 annual sales in the US market, the strength Is definitely not be underestimated.

Civic success in overseas markets without externalAlmost two reasons, higher cost and increasing the rate of the vehicle. Civic prices in the US market Is not high, the starting price of $ 20,000 for the American people, working-class Car Is a cost-effective choice. And the US Car market better, as long as you have not had a significant Car accident, can fetch a high price in the secondary market.

street Car two: the Ford F-150

MSRP (Continental): 51.08 -61.28 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

MSRP (US): US $ 2.82-6.71 Wan (19.46-46.29 million)

high-volume Ford F-150 in overseas markets has long been an open book, in fact, the reason Is that the more successful pickup living conditions of Americans, many locals like camping, they need a Taiwan small drag truck to tow camper. Whenever the holidays, you can see all kinds of highway pickup camper pulled toward the original ecological forest camp.

As to Why there Is no pickup popular in the US market, the reason Is very simple, first of many major cities located in the pickup truck, the specified time period are not allowed in the city DIstrict road. Secondly, F-150 nearly 2m tall, underground garage for many mall Is not get, of course, you can also choose the open-air spaces, but nearly 6m long do not know your Car be convenient stop inside.

street Car three: Chrysler Grand Voyager

MSRP (Continental): 496,900 yuan

MSRP (US): US $ 2.69-4.47 Wan (18.56-30.84 million)

Chrysler Grand Voyager popularity in the US market Is not high, it can be said there Is little sense of presence, but for Americans, it can beIt Is one of the nation’s most popular MPV. Today introduced eight street Car, the Grand Voyager should be regarded as a relatively low Car sales in the United States, not the United States consumers do not like MPV, but its high price and the import of brand strength Is not so strong, and US can not attract good riders.

The biggest advantage does Voyager “can hold” large body size and ample storage space so that it Is closely connected with the practical word, if you travel to the United States, have the opportunity to go to the local big supermarket, then the supermarket parking lot in front of the Grand Voyager can tell you that with the strength of the market.

street Car four: Jeep Wrangler

MSRP (Continental): 42.99-53.99 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

MSRP (US): 2.80-5.26 million (19.32-36.29 million)

thIs Wrangler off-road vehicles in many hearts of fans Is Dream Car exIstence in general, as a classic hardcore off-road vehicles, it Is also loved by the American people. Especially in the summer, you can see the street Wrangler kinds of explosive change, and remove the roof and doors owners, heightening the body coupled with AT tires, it seems to conquer any road conditions.

said points on Wrangler Interestingly, the driver Wrangler traveling on US roads, when the opposite Is also Wrangler Will be the Car, the other owners Will take the initiative to reach out and say hello you can feel the same model gives you intimacy, very interesting.

US street Car inventory (on)

street Car five: Dodge Viagra

MSRP ( Continental): 27.49-37.29 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

MSRP (US): US $ 2.32-3.36 Wan (16.01-23.18 million)

seems Americans their “domestic brand” quite keen, Dodge Viagra EnglIsh Car called for the Journey, translated into Chinese travel, seven large space and a strong heart 3.6L Pentastar V6 have become the reason for its high sales.

Cool Viagra sales in the United States Is not ideal, on the one hand, the US riders understand the Dodge brand Is slightly less, followed by thIs cool Wei trolley really too many years without replacement, and compare cool Wei decade ago, it seems to shape and cash almost no difference, just a slight variation on the details of it.

street Car six: Ford Mustang

MSRP (Continental): 36.98-59.18 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

MSRP (US): 2.64-5.91 million (18.22-40.78 million)

Ford Mustang was born in 1964, Is already more than fifty-year-old Cars, and it Is not just American street Car, around the world also have good sales. Cool styling and classic Cars feelings label sports Car, street Car Is that it has become an important reason.

Ford Mustang to date has been in continuous production for 55 years, and there are no signs of slowing down. In recent years, Mustang sales in the continental United States Is also very good, it Is by virtue of the high force grid appearance, so that consumers who love sports a soft spot.

street Car Seven: Ford Explorer

MSRP (Continental) : 41.28-59.18 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

MSRP(United States): 3.67-5.83 million (25.32-40.23 million)

for the US Auto market, Ford Explorers Is not an ordinary Car, if you prefer to see the US play Will find explorers in many cities have been selected as the police Car models, many locals buy thIs Car because it Is vested with the police identity. In the United States, you almost can always be seen against the police POLICE logo painted explorers patrol driving on city and high-speed sections.

A lot of people like the explorers put them together with the Prado and the Grand Cherokee, from its competing products, you can see explorers Is a more comprehensive model, rough domineering big, excellent off-road capability, seven large space it received US consumers.

street Car Eight: Toyota Camry

MSRP (Continental): 17.98-27.98 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

MSRP (US): 2.40-3.49 million (16.56-24.08 million)

When it comes Camry believe all too familiar, and it starting price in the US Is $ 24,000, as the “Midsize” level benchmark model exIstence in general, in United States to get good sales. Due to the low failure rate and excellent ride comfort, but also was selected as the taxi models many American cities.

Camry 2019 the year in the continental United States sold a total of 138,900, it can be regarded in many cities street Car, excellent fuel economy and product strength makes it ideal for families to become first Car alternative.

Edit Summary:

8 Car looking down, seemingly intersection of Chinese and American street Cars are not many, you Will find that Americans of German Cars does not seem so cold, the streets more or beauty brands. Want to be a street Car, the most important Is affordable and has product features, such as Mustang sports Car look, Wrangler’s off-road ability, and even pickup trucks drag practicality and so on. Choose a Car for the Car, the differences in Chinese and American lifestyle Is one thing, a lot of different reasons or street Car models in terms of price, Mustang Imagine if the continent Will be priced at more than ten million yuan(CNY)(CNY), and that of the way vIsibility Is not the situation now. Throughout the United States Auto market for decades, in fact, prices have been gradually reduced, and perhaps the future Will further test a low price or perhaps, let us look forward Sino-US Car prices were flat bar that day.

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