American car has 250 million, Germany 04 600, see domestic data, users: too little

Today’s Cars no longer like 20 years ago as a luxury, now more and more families Will buy a Car to travel. In many developed cities, the number of Cars has far exceeded the pace of development of the city. Although the transport sector in order to deal with thIs phenomenon all over the ongoing construction of additional viaducts and tunnels, but still can not solve the problem of traffic congestion in the city. Today the US fleet vehicles are always on the rIse, and the United States, there are already 250 million Cars, while Car-producing countries as Germany, Car ownership Is only 46 million units. The Car ownership in U.S. currently has 197 million, although the total number Is only a little less than the United States, but if to the average person Is very less. After seeing a lot of domestic data users have said: “too little.”

According to a latest survey in 2019, statIstics show that, in all the world Car ownership in the region, the United States, the current vehicle population has reached 2.5 million units, Japanese Auto ownership of 0.74 million units, while Car ownership in Germany Is only 46 million units. From thIs set of data we can see that the United States Is indeed a Car big country, thIs country Is one of the earliest development of the national Automotive industry. In the United States relatively well-known people of the United States GM and Ford both companies, they owned brands in the world has a high profile and reputation.

Ford Is the first Automotive company to create a pipeline, to some extent, also contributed to the trend of the civilian population of the United States Car. US vehicle population 250 million, according to thIs figure Is the average must regIster every 100 people among 79 individuals have a Car, thIs Is a very cattle data.

The Japanese Car although only 074 million units, compared with Japan’s land area and number of people, a lot of thIs has been considered, the average must regIster, then , equal to 59 per 100 people among the individuals have the Car. Japan Is also the development of better national Automobile industry, though started relatively late, but does not prevent the prosperity of the Japanese Automotive industry. Among the most famous Japanese Cars Honda and Toyota Will count the two companies. Toyota’s focus on design and user-friendly, and Honda Is to come up with a lot of financial and material resources to participate in independent research and development.

belong to the German Automotive power in the world’s first fuel vehicles Is a German invention. Germany, in addition to our well-known Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW are also such brands from Germany, the German Car has a very big advantage. Compared with Japanese Cars German Cars despite high fuel consumption, but wins in the Car better quality, the price Is very cheap. Many people know that high-speed open-speed Germany, but not too many sections the speed limit, which Is not a lot of people envy it? According to figures statIstical point of view, the German Car ownership of 0.46 million units, the average must regIster every 100 people of which 57 personal Car, according to thIs view the proportion of Cars in Germany and we did not want to say it less.