Always said car “Big Three”, then thIs one of the Big Three parts, you know how much?

a lot of friends in the selection of their favorite vehicle Will focus on the “Big Three,” What Is the Big Three? Is the engine, transmIssion and chassIs, domestic Car sales in general or even the reason a few years out of favor in the former Big Three Is also because of outdated technology. In the Big Three, we always feel that “power source” engine Is the most important, in fact, the gearbox Is also important, today we have to talk about the transmIssion of knowledge. In order to be able to let our readers a pleasant reading, I Will use simple and understandable way to you about the working principle of the gearbox as well as some interesting knowledge.

said before we have to study intensively transmIssion power output engine works, in fact, by igniting gasoline in the combustion chamber to generate power, push the pIston movement, but only responsible for engine output power does not know when to use more power, like a simple-minded brawn people, thIs time need gearbox debut.

gearbox Is what role? We analogy, a player from the beginning starting out sprint, and that the second half Will be because it Is easy to exhaustion and start walking; if not hard starting, it simply could not get the speed. Sounds interesting and very mentally retarded, right? No gearbox engine Is like thIs, it simply Is not the engine gearbox Is equivalent to no brain athlete, thIs time the gearbox debut as the brain of the engine, it tells the engine when to use much effort to run, so as to obtain more fast.

us out of thIs analogy, the position of the transmIssion and the engine Is actually in the middle of the wheel, Is responsible for adjusting power output of the engine, after the ignition-gear, the engine transmIssion power, transmIssion power and by analyzing the actual situation, then it Will pick power mode most appropriate for the situation to be assigned. Such vehicle Is stopped or low speed, the engine Will use the “small with large” gear matching manner, so that the engine torque can be increased, while the low speed but a better grip, start climbing when the Car Is also power Will be more abundant, the situation Is less prone to slipping.

that the high-speed time? Very simple, thatIs the “great and small”, the engine speed Is not required under the wheels of the situation can quickly turn too fast, naturally speed up, not only fuel efficient but also speed, so if your Car looks dIsplacement Is not small, but open up very fuel-efficient, it Is most probably credit gearbox.

Since that the forward gears, then reversing it? To know the power of the engine Is not going to come backwards, you want to let the Car backwards on or rely on the gearbox, Is to add an extra gear, after all, Father Newton once said “the role of force Is mutual,” two suffer the gears a and B, a clockwIse, counterclockwIse rotation Will drive gear B, so the Car Will move forward in accordance with the opposite direction, that Is, we used the reverse.

Having said that, there Will be students might ask, thIs Is the logic ah manual transmIssion, Automatic transmIssion oil to the left, in fact, change the internal Automatic and manual transmIssion the basic logic block Is the same, but the Automatic shifting manual to help you save it, it within a reasonable time of their own choosing to switch gears, you only need to control the accelerator and brake on the line, other things to gearbox on OK.

In fact, there are a lot can be said about the transmIssion of content, such as the type of Automatic transmIssion, dual-clutch, hydraulic transmIssion, etc., and in double there Is also the clutch divided dry and wet, the wet dual clutch better compared to dry dual clutch stability and are less prone to overheating, but the power transmIssion efficiency to dry dual clutch higher, while the price Is also cheaper .

content on transmIssion because of space limitations can only be said that, there are a lot of interesting knowledge only after slowly talk to you, the last hope we take good Care of hIs Car, the gearbox spared no efforts should take Care of it. Do you prefer Automatic or manual transmIssion? You can leave a message in the comments section oh.