Also believes that independent car interiors difference? You have not seen these cars

remember how you recognize a child Car? Look logo! Now, even blocking the brand identity, I’m afraid you can spot thIs Is a BMW, Ford, Audi, Volkswagen now. Do not rush surprIse, it really was not a capability you up, but most manufacturers have formed their own family design. In addition to family-oriented look, in fact, Is also a family-oriented interior design, but let’s talk about thIs Issue of its own brand of family-oriented interior design.

Remember the picture below it? A few years ago rumors had major mainstream platform, then the public Is nothing more than a similar grille, body side, rear or very different.

and now Mercedes-Benz …… The following four maps are the C-Class, E Class, S-Class and S-Class Maybach, are also HD no code map, can one dIstinguIsh it?

and say to the family of our own brand of design, perhaps a few years ago really rare, but now with the rapid development of its own brand, family-oriented design Is to be played with wind and water. Let’s take a look at our great Harvard and touch wood.

and family-oriented design of the Car can not just exterior, interior design also has family-oriented. Do not believe we’ll look at each of several major mainstream brand of interior design.

Geely & Bide Huo BrIstol

family design: drop ripples family-oriented philosophy

filed Geely brand, it can not talk about it senior vice president of Geely-bit design Bide Huo BrIstol. 2012 Bide Huo Bridget (Peter Horbury) began to organize auspicious modeling center in New York and Gothenburg, while today Geely already has four modeling centers worldwide.

auspicious new family gives a refined interior, comfortable first impression. The center console to the famous West Lake Broken Bridge inspiration for the design, sketched out the elegant arch shape by simple lines, with a wave texture to the control panel, highlighting the mood.

and in the details of the design, but also make extensive use of the United States of a paper pattern, combined with the current fashion trends into the worldLine design, only the “most beautiful American Car” in the title.

Imperial GS

Imperial GL

Bo the

from the earliest Bo Yue, Imperial GS, GL Imperial and other new models to continue after Bory, and the vIsion SUV, King Kong and other old platform models along with the facelift, the new generation of the family has been designed to follow up.

In addition to Geely brand new LYNK & CO collar grams brand models are also designed by Bide Huo Brie management team. Interior to the driver as the center, the other driving region with a softer, more three-dimensional region divIsion of a clear, material selection as much as possible energy saving material. Although LYNK & CO collar grams only introduced a model, but in the future it Will be a new family of interior design.

Haver & Pierre Leclercq

family design: static and dynamic

If Geely Is the sudden emergence of the United States Is no doubt that Harvard SUV leader. Not only red and blue formed the subject of differences in design, but also gradually formed its own family-oriented design. Which in 2013 joined the vice president and design director of Great Wall Motor Pierre Leclercq contributed.

famous Pierre Leclercq has worked at the Italian design firm Zagato, Ford, BMW and BMW M divIsion, and Harvard H2S, Harvard H7, a new generation of models such as Harvard H6 Pierre Leclercq show good design skill and Harvard brand new family of DNA.

a whole new generation Hover H6

If you see a family of new interior Harvard, you must first reaction Is: wow! Contrast trim at Harvard earlier, you Will find really Is a heaven and an underground.

Generation Havel

the H6

integrally center console tiled design, through the use of different materials, showing a more three-dimensional vIsual effect. The multimedia LCD screen and audio controls are also cleverly integrated into it. The overall sense of quality significantly improved.

& Wolfgang Egger BYD

BYD With the continuous increase of new energy vehicles, and gradually to the “new energy Car prices,” said one. But BYD for exterior and interior design, even if Di powder also have a feeling that turn iron into steel.

But thIs Is all due to join or former Audi Group Design Director Wolfgang Egger changed. The Audi family style mouth Fun Wolfgang Egger Will clever combination of American culture and the future of science and technology together through BYD dynasty concept Car.

Although the interior design dynasty not to mention stunning concept Car, but there Is enough futurIstic concept Cars around Dangba arranged only a small amount of physical buttons, keep things simple style means that the Car most of the functions are controlled by large-size liquid crystal dIsplay and full multimedia digital instrument console Is equipped to complete. The multimedia dIsplay can also be rotated 90 degrees, intended to create interconnected four-dimensional space for the driver and passengers enjoy.

The new design for BYD definitely considered leap, and thIs Will be the starting point for the design of BYD future products. Dynasty after the Audi concept Car designer before joining Iger BYD’s first works, so the dynasty concept Car design Will be applied to the relevant BYD other exIsting models, such as the new BYD Tang and Song 7 edition.

Chery & James Hope

family design: Spirituality dynamic flow

with other brands of family-oriented designs, the Chery brand does not seem to show a high degree between the various models similarity, but rather gives each vehicle its unique particularity by modeling the proportion of genes as well as brand design language.

and the executive director of modeling behind Chery quietly pay Is the former Ford, General Motors senior designer James Hope. We are familiar with Chery Yi Ruize 7, Tiggo 5, 7 Tiggo and other models are from the designers.

Chery’s family learned a number of popular interior design and fashion design elements of daily consumer goods in the trend, but more compact shape by bright colors, highlights Chery forward-looking, unique design DNA.

difficult to find, Chery cabin atmosphere more biased towards younger consumer groups to convey their young, fashion, sports, fashion innovation by color and simple designBreath.

JAC & Global Research Center

family design: artIsan spirit

compared to other brands designer’s personal aura, Is used to JAC Japan Design Center led, JAC Italy design Center and the Department jointly designed the way. Currently JAC global R & D center has included Tokyo, Japan, the United States and Anhui three research and development center in Turin, Italy.

From refine S2 mini earlier, to refine followed by S3, and the family flagship sedan Refine A60, designer adhering to the pursuit of the spirit of the craftsman, a simple design to achieve gorgeous interior effect.

from the yacht designer, business class aircraft interiors such as seeking inspiration, intended to vent through the curved center console and a circular air-conditioning design, try to make interior design not only ergonomic but also take into account the vIsual enjoyment.

New York Automobile Chi Chuan & sail

family design: mainstream encircling layout

As early as 2010, New York Automobile Chi Chuan Is still a little-known depot, only GA5 thIs Is a model, and now the family has grown to the layout of many models. Chi Chuan’s success, in a sense, largely due to the success of modeling.

and for the New York Automobile Chi Chuan Is designed checks with 8 years of experience in the design of the Mercedes-Benz New York Automobile Group Automotive Engineering Research Institute, chief design director Zhang Fan.

compared with New York Automobile Chi Chuan models appearance of “just” filling the interior Is “soft.” By trying to highlight the interior design of human nature and comfort.

GAC Trumpchi the GS8 modular gateway

GAC Trumpchi GS4

the entire inner casing taken transversely through the design, and thus appears to vehicle space Is more spacious. Encircling the center console, door panels and interior whole body surrounded reflect like a cockpit, giving a sense of tightly wrapped. And by color and originality on the material, creating a sense of upscale interior.

Full Summary: Compared to earlier own brand of strong imitation, to the family of its own brand of interior design Is now taking shape, its own brand all these yearsThe development we see. Whether domestic or overseas designers growing designers to join, let their own brands Interior qualitative improvement. And thIs Is not only to attract the attention of consumers, but also to a certain extent, help build self-confidence and self-brand image.