Almost everyone has a car, Why we must focus on maintenance, and the unconditional support it!

Lead: Now almost every household owns a Car are one family. Every day are using thIs means of transport vehicles do we, with our children, relatives, parents, and some of the goods when we need to pull to travel. The equivalent of our second life. If you choose when the Car did not focus on Car maintenance. But only reimbursing to use it, consume it.

then your Car’s life Will become less and less. Of course, people who love Cars Will be Willing to give hIs Car to do regular maintenance. Now what if you already have a Car of hIs own Car, then you definitely want the Car, it Is very safe and comfortable. And they want it to do very much to save money, but also your family and accompanied with a very long time. If you say do two things, he Is not easy. But if you do as I say, then your Car’s life Will be extended.

Is that we may now not clear Why we should regularly go to our own Car to conduct a very comprehensive Care of it? The problem Is that he actually has a lot of the research problem. Because no matter what kind of Car, over time, hIs trip Is also changing. The Car itself hIs own machine body Will fatigue, Will be damaged. As well as those fixation of small parts and big parts, he later gradually Will become gradually becomes loose. Car Will wear considerable increase.

However, those of hIs Car body inside lubricant, protective oil. There are those of children inside the Car oil and its role Will be greatly reduced, and it Will become very dry. Serious Is it going to affect the operation of the machine itself, so that it led to the flexibility of the Car, and then you can say serious cause accidents. So, we must go to the person driving the Car do regular waxing wow.

delustering ah, ah like color. And then, we have to re-add oil to protect our Cars, and then let the body that increase the flexibility of the liquid lubricant. And we would say the human body Is the same, if the time when he usuallyDo not pay attention to maintenance, then, even if he was born sick or takes a big price.

Of course, I say thIs much Some people may ask me: small series that you said I should be in the end how long to go maintenance once my Car. Xiao Bian it, we follow that time period on the maintenance manual to maintenance, it Is certainly not wrong. Of course, if the time period of thIs manual to maintain it, he Is the best time, but it Is in and the individual liquid oil, he Is about to deteriorate when we go to maintenance, Is a very stable state. And he not only when maintenance Is said to be those of oil and liquids do a replacement, it Is more of a comprehensive testing of the entire vehicle.

The following are two cases, if the number Is based on the first case, the Car all day open , the frequency Is very large. Then you have to do regular maintenance of 5,000 kilometers of time, but if you say that the general extent maintenance for it can become time to go 7,000 kilometers 4s shop to do maintenance. If you currently own a Car Is following me that the second case, that thIs case Is it, you are very, very relaxed, but also very economical.

Is not how you drive every day, but for example, to use other means of transport to a place, you do thIs time do not worry, because you are consumed by hIs own Car Is very small. ThIs time for it, you could do a maintenance that Is more than six months. If you do Care when you put your oil into a synthetic oil that Is now the case, thIs Is the case, your Car can also be time again for some time, you may be in a year or a year and when a few months to do maintenance Is also no problem. But in reality it, we did not need to say a few kilometers to the Card so accurate, it Is necessary to maintain 5,000 km when, in fact, that Card Is no regIstration necessary, you can time-out and then one or two months to maintenance are also possible.

Conclusion: However, we are now flatOften the 4s shop, to our Cars do a little maintenance, probably between 500 dollars to 800 dollars, the price. If that Is the kind of comprehensive large detection want to close, then it Is less than 1000 dollars to 1500 dollars of the price. Of course, Xiao Bian now that the price of thIs, he Is not a standard, it Is based on your different projects for the maintenance of your Car may be, to the general maintenance of small series of words are words almost that much. I’ll show you an important point, that in addition to the 4s shop, give your Car to do maintenance than we usually pay attention also to the owners of these matters in our Car. Routine maintenance of the project Is simple. It Is clean and check the Car for parts. The most important point Is that a supplement and complement components in the lubricant for gasoline. After all, we travel it, life Is the most important, we timely maintenance, so also avoid the rIsk of traffic accidents.

above thIs article Is (my original works) hope readers like, give little attention Xiao Bian!