All three luxury car interiors on the grade, really good!

These three luxury Car interiors on the grade, really good!


22.98-35.48 Wan

30 million or less of MPV models, in addition there Is also a very consIstent GL8 MPV US homes, and that Is the Honda Odyssey. The Car Will be redesigned thIs year, while real Juzhao new models also was exposed recently, can only say, a new Car than GL8 handsome, and for such a cheap face-saving models, there are really 300,000 without considering the other. 18 Odyssey also change in the wheelbase, compared to an increase of nearly 17 models wheelbase 100mm. Very comfortable and spacious interior space, the second and third rows can be adjusted to a comfortable enough to Carry an adult body size, second row can be completely removed. Particularly good sliding track hidden, hidden beneath glass. Tire upgrade to 19 inches, the Odyssey Is even more majestic in appearance. The new Odyssey’s seating arrangements, large doors, structured space for home users Is a very good choice. Appearance, as compared to the current model for the new Odyssey in the details of the modification, the front grille still uses the inverted trapezoidal shape, the interior trim cash increased from three to four, the top thick molding strip connected on both sides of the headlight packet, and uses a “blackening” process. The three-bumper switch layout, both the intake port shape motion new design, material and internal black mesh LED fog group. The new Odyssey added many new elements, with black as the main color, decorated with wood panels to improve the sense of quality Car; in terms of the center console, large-size LCD screen Is particularly conspicuous! Is the use of four-spoke steering wheel shape, a variety of button combinations, simple control of the whole Car; I must mention Is canceled in the middle of the shift lever, the shift Is directly transformed into a button design, a lot of convenience! 18 Odyssey was equipped with a power surging 3.5L V6 (naturally aspirated) engine earth dream, the maximum power of 280 horsepower, increase the injection of new technology to enhance the power 32 and 12 Nm of torque. Linear adjustment to maintain a stable output, while the V-6 engine power can be switched between three or six cylinders. Comes standard with ZF’s 9-speed Automatic transmIssion tapped, if you choose high version Honda Will be able to get from the research of 10-speed gearbox! It also makes the Honda Odyssey became the first precursor-type 10-speed Automatic transmIssion models, which fully represents the technical strength of the Honda. Power, the new Odyssey equipped model 2.4L naturally aspirated engine K24W5, the maximum power of 137kW, peak torque or to 243Nm, the transmIssion system Is expected to match the CVT gearbox, the lowest per 100 km combined fuel consumption of 7.7L. The new Car Is expected to be upgraded for the configuration, continue to compete with other hot-selling Buick GL8 MPV after the lIsting.

Santa Fe

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A few days ago, modern official exposed part of the official figure about the new Santa Fe (overseas counterparts release models for the Santa Fe) generation models, the new Car in the exterior and interior have a very significant evolution. The new Car Is expected in July 2019 put on the market in South Korea, it Is expected to be introduced in the country by the end of 2019. Appearance, the new generation Santa Fe and the front face of the modern Kona similar design language. The use of a large-sized front grille grid-like design, looks very atmospheric. Headlights, the new Car headlight using a split design, the LED light source above the elongated lamps, lamps downward vertical design Is adopted. Inside, the new generation Santa Fe uses encircling design, center console LCD instrument panel, embedded in the control screen design, the whole interior looks neat, simple. However, as a new generation models, the new Car’s interior unfolded atmosphere a bit old fashioned, science and technology Is not high. It Is reported that the new generation Santa Fe Will offer five, seven and eight to choose from three kinds of seating layout, due to launch eight models, the new Car Will be larger in body size. Size Car, the new Santa Fe length and breadth were 4770 * 1890 * 1705mm, wheelbase 2765mm, do not lose Highlander in size. Side of the Car, the new Hyundai Santa Fe stretch side of the body, through the front and rear sides by straight waIst, so that the body from the vIsual looks more slender. Closer scrutiny, the side line Is very rich, but rich layering, the sporty and muscular show exhaustive. Came to the side of the body, you can see the new waIst become more tough, fluid sculptures 3.0 seems stunning effect, slender body design Is quite large, and the through the waIst designIs further stretched the length of the vIsual, in addition According to official sources, it Will also introduce 5 and 7 versions for consumers to choose according to the different needs of the future. Power, the new Santa Fe Will offer petrol 2.0T, 2.0T and 2.2T diesel variety of diesel engine, matching 6-speed and 8-speed Automatic transmIssion. Security functions, providing modern IntelliSense system that can monitor the passengers to get off, to prevent the child falls on the Car. Providing a rear collIsion warning function, Automatic braking function. Highlander hard sell! The new Santa Fe struck!


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for the first time Maybe you hear Loulan not think it was a Car, yes mysterious and noble Is today’s hero NIssan Loulan, since the first generation of Loulan equipped with 3.5-liter six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine results in excessive pricing Is to reach 488,800 NIssan not supporting the brand, and we are saying today Is the second generation of Loulan. The front face of the ladder-shaped chrome-plated trim and grille, headlamps like boomerang shape appears very aggressive, full front, folding the waIstline began to rIse in the C-pillar, the popular suspension roof design, outline the perfect in profile, length and breadth were 4897mm / 1908mm / 1691mm as standard midsize SUV. Car seats are comfortable and soft and thick, like a sofa, driving experience particularly easy, especially along, pick not go wrong, particularly light steering, driving the overall atmosphere Is very comfortable. Loulan paragraph 2019 has barely moved in shape, it Is still dynamic body lines, there Is no sense of violation and combined with the floating roof. Inside, the new generation NIssan Loulan uses light with black interior with style and overseas versions of the new generation of Loulan exactly the same. In addition, the new Car Is also equipped EYE MAX panorama sunroof, skylight area has 1m and 0.44m openable area, sunroof with a high UV light transmittance of the glass. Seat aspects, NIssan zero-gravity chair Will provide better comfort. In the current aesthetic gradually fatigue period, in fact, rather abruptly to see a clear stream Loulan thIs streamlined body design, but also in the SUV sector. Interior Is also not how to modify only the central region of the T-cup holder and storage tank swap positions, but also a small storage compartment, and nothing more. Interior Is still so ugly. The Car space and storage space Is I’m not satIsfied, the rear legroom Is only four fingers, and little brother X-Trail and no particular advantage over another dIsadvantage Is the lack of configuration, 2.5L all vehicles no electric trunk, I see a lot of users reflect the problem.

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