After six years of new energy vehicles to replace a battery, about how much money?

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the traditional oil and gas fuel vehicles likely to be eliminated, new energy vehicles Will become the battlefield of the major Car manufacturers. New energy vehicles are leaping development of new energy vehicles run faster and faster, but as the ‘heart’ of the battery, has become a short board laggard, chaos continued, urgent need for regulation. A battery to 80% of the initial capacity of the following, it means that it retire. The high price of electric vehicles, mainly because of the composition of thIs high power battery, the battery capacity of each Car Is different, the industry’s unified horizontal comparIson of price differences battery pack with “Yuan / kWh” units. Currently a new energy vehicles battery life in about 6 years, then six years later how much money needs to replace the battery?

the interests of new energy vehicles to replace a battery Is expensive, but the relevant departments for new energy Car warranty requirements are very high, in order to protect consumers . State regulations in the new energy Car models directory, its batteries, motors, electronic control and other key components provide a warranty of not less than 5 years or 100,000 km. According to various other sites to power lithium battery production cost of the current message 1300 yuan / kWh, loading price of 1,700 dollars! Why Is there thIs difference between 400 yuan, the production company sold to companies loading price: the cost of production + product gross profit in 2016 Car battery basically in short supply, high margin product, personally think that battery manufacturers Will definitely margin at 30%, otherwIse so how Will the battery manufacturers launched the project?, the $ 50 price difference really gross profit on battery manufacturers!

while now manufacturers warranty for the battery to do more in place. Such as BAIC’s new energy vehicles on the basIs of national regulations on its battery, motor, electric control warranty extended to six years 150,000 km; BYD even commitment to the batteries lifetime warranty, other manufacturers also have a corresponding policy, consumers in the use new energy Car can be assured.

However, some people may say, and six years later still have to spend money to replace the battery Is not it? Xiao Bian here to point out that we use the perspective of development Issues. Now your battery because the battery cost Is relatively high, and now the technology has developed rapidly, new energy vehiclesThe development of battery technology can be said to be a kind of a year, the development of technology to bring the biggest benefit Is cost reduction, I believe that after six years of new energy Car battery prices would certainly be much cheaper now.

In addition, a lot of new energy Car manufacturers have launched a buy-back of used Cars preferential policies to facilitate consumer replacement new Car, the Car can be replaced, vehicle development so fast, 6 years later also the time to the replacement of the Car, and that time Is not altogether replace your Car better? Besides battery time might also be replaced, then the consumer’s cost Will be greatly reduced.

all enjoy subsidies for new energy vehicles age and mileage can meet state regulations, some even more than the national standard. Beiqi vehicle on the basIs of 5-year 100,000 km warranty on the battery, motor, electric control extend the warranty to six years 150,000 km; BYD batteries and even commitment to lifetime warranty. But there are also the owners express anxiety, batteries are lifetime warranty, then the battery decay have warranty? Warranty Is not equal to free it? After all, most of the new energy vehicles lIsted only two or three years, not to the large battery Is out of time. For the life of the new energy vehicle batteries, most brands St. dealer argument Is 2000 times a full battery dIscharge ‘, “which means, in accordance with each travel more than 100 kilometers, battery over 200,000 kilometers. Average one charge two days, I can full release for 10 years. ‘As long as able to open for 10 years, but also enough of thIs,’ the owner said so many new energy.

emerging industry at the beginning stages of development, gross profit would be just as now 30%, but after several years of full competition, 2023 gross profit of approximately 20%, while six years later the whole than zero down to 130% from the current 160%. We calculated 2023 2023 20% gross cost of battery 325 yuan / kWh, plus gross profit enterprIses 390 yuan / degrees, the price the owner changing the battery in about 18.5 4S * 325% * 130% * 120 = 9379 yuan, less than one million! From now to buy new energy vehicles, six-year warranty period, a replacement battery price not more than $ 10,000 do not think so expensive!