About “rear-drive” of thIs thing, a lot of people still do not know

Turning to drive the Car the way, a lot of people can say precursor, rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive three answers. After all, the Car experienced friends, we have considered the precursor to purchase, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. But in fact, most of the models on the market are the precursor to the four-wheel drive. Why rear-drive ratio Will be so little? Do not worry, here we come to talk, on the drive after thIs thing.

before you start talking about the status quo, we may wIsh to talk after the first drive hIstory. Really not Xiangman, in fact, the first Car Karl Benz invented, and that Is after a drive. Responsible for front-wheel steering, rear-wheel drive Is responsible for, their duties and mechanical structure, very reasonable. From that era, until the 1970s, after the drive Is still the main models on the market a lot of Car manufacturers produced.

until the oil crIsIs of the 1970s after the Car to start “downsizing”, the front-drive also came into being. Manufacturers have found that, before the drive to reduce costs, be more welcomed by the public. After all, in normal highway driving, respectively, it Is difficult to dIstinguIsh a precursor and after the flooding, Moreover dropping prices, allowing many people to accept, Why not.

In fact, when the Car manufacturers who laid down the idea, so far still apply. Therefore, we in the price cheaper models, can see basically front-drive. So after driving in today’s position in the end Is what? The answer Is to luxury Cars and sports Cars used. Generally, luxury Car needs a relatively long length of the body, then the engine Is required to drive Is arranged in a vertical position, so it Is suitable for the design of luxury Cars. Secondly, the rear-drive transmIssion mode, allowing vehicles with steering clear divIsion of labor, in fact, would open up very solid.

So in addition to the luxury Car, the sporty models used in the drive of the drive way, the purpose Is very clear, and that Is to maximize driving pleasure and maximum limit play to the performance of the vehicle. So you Will find that the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 and other high-performance models such as, basically rear-wheel drive to drive.

In one mentioned problem, the rear-drive driving mode, the divIsion of labor allows the power output steering clear. Thus, the output power of the rear wheel to withstand greater weight, Will be able to play the best power output in the effective grip. Meanwhile, the front wheel Is not the case too much weight, and can in good cornering grip of the situation. Therefore, we find that, on some of the more well-known track, the Nurburgring, say some run very fast sports Car, most of the drive. Because there Is thIs innate drive after driving characterIstics, so after a lot of drive performance, the driver can give a lot of pleasure ride on the track.

talking about thIs, I believe many people Will emerge out of mind the word, that Is, “drift.” In fact, the drift of thIs action Is to establIsh drove in the case of oversteer, and then control the “out of control” attitude walk along the lines of the track after. After many years of anecdotal drove the “fun to drive” Is defined in the control of such pleasure out of control brings. It Is worth mentioning that after the general driving method of thIs drive, are professionals on a closed track, or go with a beginner by coach on a closed track. On public roads, it Is absolutely not allowed to drive thIs way.


drove feeling of mastery, I believed to be many people’s favorite. If the MT + drive, then it Is even more fascinating. ThIs Is Why in the secondary market, the BMW 1M would be so popular. You know, that little body inside, but incorporates a 6-cylinder engine, MT transmIssions and rear-drive design. Opened a lot of people, it Is difficult to forget the kind of freewheeling on the track driving experience.

However, in the future direction of development, I think the probability of a large rear-wheel drive Will gradually withdraw from the stage of hIstory. Because consumers now prefer higher security-wheel-drive system. But after you drove fans do not worry, there are some depots or understand your heart. BMW M5 say that a four-wheel drive system, can be achieved with rear-wheel drive four-wheel drive switch. I think thIs drive, a high probability in the future Will become mainstream.