About 50,000 of the car interior Is very pleasant surprIse, the key Is fuel-efficient

about 50,000 Car interior Is very pleasant surprIse, the key Is fuel-efficient – Kay wing X3.

Appearance: The Car’s appearance Is one of the factors I bought thIs Car. Body style: modeling partial hardcore, honest and now a lot of SUV styling I did not particularly like, analogy now NIssan X-Trail as well as the Toyota RAV4 model not as good-looking older it, Kay wing X3 models belong to count my type. Headlight design: lights good shape, but the brightness feeling almost, Chongqing has not shared Panda Car headlights to the force. Paint work: relatively meticulous workmanship, paint intact, said that now the details of domestic Cars do not in place or lame, my friend’s Geely VIsion, XT and my long comfortable moving thIs Kay wing X3 details are done in place, the progress made Cars still vIsible.

Interior: Interior biggest bright spot Is the large screen and instrumentation. From me personally, these are not important. The key instrument there Is slush leather seats. Really bad workmanship. From now available, and the room did not produce any smell! When the new Car does have some leather taste, but with a few days, basically I always open the window to drive, and now basically no smell. Interior styling and a variety of scientific and technological sense I do not evaluate, no meaning, I only Care about workmanship and materials. Under my Careful observation, these are also quite good. Meet the standards of my heart.

Space: normal case where the main passenger seat adjustable seating space can be, but need to take into account once the rear ride feel, then it slightly bit inadequate; the latter case the top row of seats pulled to the normal position, the passenger space Is very general, unless the front seat pulled forward-most position, the rear ride feel a bit better; the trunk after the partition removed can put some of the more high things, such as large suitcase standing put ah, then back down to the ground position, then the space Is quite ample.

Fuel consumption: thIs Is the point I am more satIsfied. 1.34 t net body weight, count oil ah, ah, ah armored chassIs, and the engine guard ah mess of weight, at least when the traveling road Is more than 1.5 tons, so the weight can be left holding 7 litersRight 100 km fuel consumption Is quite an advance. My Car Is currently traveling 1,500 kilometers, half the mileage Is driving a full load of an air conditioner, a total of 600 plus oil, the meter can dIsplay endurance over 100 kilometers, with combined fuel consumption figure out the actual fuel consumption dIsplayed by the instrument very close , a difference of only 0.2 liters. Of course, then again, “fIsh, can not have both,” such as fuel consumption results, it Will certainly have to sacrifice on power.

comfort: comfort, just as it Is not ye, take my Car friends say uncomfortable, sitting back relatively straight, can not change it, preferably preferably adjustable. Air conditioning: Air conditioning works well, but I was not Automatic air conditioning, if Automatic Is perfect seat comfort: a good seat workmanship, original cloth seat, then went to a leather bag shop friends, feeling not as good cloth seat it comfortable chairs, a little regret, remind everybody can take some time and back noIse control: control Is also good, personally feel a little big tire noIse, tire Is not too wide ah, go up sound big, but also accepted, put on some music Is a good choice!

Power: 1.6CTV face very start, step on the accelerator of heavy vehicles faithful need to pay attention, otherwIse the Car Will suddenly pediment after a little while, but the speed up and smooth acceleration Is very smooth, CTV shift does not exIst, there Is no sense of frustration; a new Car may be the reason you have not seen run-in period, the brake system Is also relatively surface, so the need for brakes in advance, but also to grasp the intensity number, nothing else brake reaction; as standard with ESP, Is to step on Jicha, the Car Is very smooth, impartial slip, the braking dIstance Is a bit far.

Cost: Overall, thIs version enthusiasts than Zhaopin three-shift cost-effective, Zhaopin three installation of skylights, ESP, keyless entry a key to start ThIs requires 6000, Land Rover grille 4S offer 560, Zhaopin three events offer 2000, fancier version than Zhaopin three of your 2000, you can see or at least cheap 2560; compared to other brands of the same grade even more high , at least on the rejection of those brands a few blocks on the color values. However, not optional version enthusiasts and 360-degree panoramic tire pressure detection, heated seats, heated mirrors, thIs Is not ideal, further mind ridersOwn a small three garnIshes to look more beautiful, more on the grade.

The most satIsfied with the place: thIs Is because I use only to find the problem. The problem Is that the rear seats. I’m buying a Car pulled something bigger. A large shoe. And initially full of confidence. I think that the X3 large luggage space, install a large shoe more than enough, but found the time to put in the rear seat backrest can recline, seat cushion can not be folded forward. So direct than a mile. Fortunately, finally went to great lengths barely loaded. Still think thIs place should not save money. If can do it easily folded cushion Is perfect. But X3 suitcase or worthy of recognition. Spare tire plug-in, saving a lot of space. For the faithful Car outdoor pursuit, it Is recommended to buy a pneumatic cushion. Just to fill the seats of different heights and trunk inadequate tipped chassIs. When the can on the bed.