About 100,000 of the three most economical car joint venture, the key Is good quality, most people are open not bad!

When it comes to buying a Car now, I think the vast number of consumers and friends of the first consideration Is the economy. So what Is it economical? Of course, fuel consumption and the quality. After all, if you buy a Car problem point and a comparIson of fuel consumption from time to time, I think everyone Will feel uncomfortable owners, after all, time-consuming and money. So, buy a good quality and fuel-efficient Cars become particularly important, so today small Will give you several price of around 100,000, not only fuel-efficient, quality Is also particularly good joint venture vehicle. The first

Toyota Corolla MSRP 10.78-17.58 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

When it comes to good quality, I think Toyota Corolla must be everyone’s first choice. After all Corolla Car has always been the majority of owners called God does not really bad Car, so its quality for everyone to see. Appearance, because 18 models of Toyota Corolla uses a modular platform family TNGA designed, the new Car looks very sleek, although there Is no cash angular, but rounded in the new Car with a rapidly progressive, sporty looks, become more fashion and sports.

Inside, the 18 Toyota Corolla’s interior Is exactly the same cash and still go home design style, although it seems warm and really, but still a bit of filling interior materials unsatIsfactory.

power, 18 models of Toyota Corolla compared to the old section of the introduction of the 1.5T models, the current total of 1.6L, 1.8L, 1.2T and 1.5T four options, transmIssion matching 6-speed manual gearbox. And wherein the 1.5T engine Is able and Honda Earth Dreams engine par exIst, maximum power of 190 horsepower, fuel consumption Is not more than 6L.

paragraph Volkswagen Jetta MSRP 13.18-21.88 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

Speaking of the public, in fact, has been a controversial Car brand by everyone. Like the public man, very tough love love it, hate it who Is also Tucao it to pieces. But for the Volkswagen Jetta Car, in fact, I personally still very optimIstic, and it Is basically nothing wrong with a Car. Appearance, the new Volkswagen Jetta and other VW models, uses a public family design style, look in the regulationMoment, a bit radical, Is that it Is consIstent with the public aesthetic, very engaging design.

Interior, the speed of Proton 18 models in the old section Is not compared to any major change, and the Toyota Corolla as taking home style. Interior Is also mostly plastic based materials, which Is the general public thIs level of Car materials.

Power, paragraph 2019 are mounted Sagitar 2.0T, 1.4T, 1.2T and 1.6L four different engine dIsplacement, maximum power of 147KW, 110KW, 81KW and 81KW from the data, regardless of which model to select, buy food and daily household overtaking Is no pressure. Also, the measured 2.0T models hundred kilometers Is about 6L, the economy can be described as good ah.

third paragraph NIssan Tiida MSRP 9.99-13.49 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

NIssan Tiida Is actually a very good compact Car, its quality Is also very very well, just by its big brother NIssan Sylphy covered a lot of edge. Appearance, the overall design of the Car Tiida young, dynamic, stylIsh, simple domineering grille on the hood with two sharp lines, full sense of power. Further, the headlights qida group increased nearly LED light, looking bright.

Inside, the interior Tiida be the same level of Japanese Cars in the most conscientious, most Car seat color to dark colors, not only spacious and comfortable, and sit up soft and elastic. Center console layout Is simple and clear, the operation Is quick and easy.

power, small series suggest that you select models in the sale of 16 models of Cars in 1.6L, equipped with 1.6L naturally aspirated engine, transmIssion aspects matching 5-speed manual and CVT two kinds of Automated manual gearbox, the measured maximum horsepower 126 horsepower, fuel consumption of about 5.8L. Although such a power Is not high, but the home still perfectly adequate.

In summary, these three Cars both quality and fuel consumption, the Car really be regarded as a joint venture of three very good Car. While the above three Cars, Tiida slightly less power, but its interior configuration and Is among the highest. So, buying a CarIt depends on demand in real life a.