About 100,000 cars, whose engine Is the most reliable? You choose Fox

about 100,000 Cars, whose engine Is the most reliable? You choose Fox


11.58-16.58 Wan

Fox exterior and interior maintaining and cash basically the same design, the main change Is that the new configuration has been adjusted, the price Is relatively unchanged. 2019 models new Fox officially lIsted on August 8, priced at between 11.58-16.58 million. Served as Ford’s sales volume, the new Focus on the SYNC system upgrade and increase the CarPlay and other configurations. Ford Focus family using the latest design language, looks very stylIsh on the grade. 2019 Ford Focus Is powered by 1.6L, 1.0T and 1.5T engine options, Changan Ford cumulative sales of 500,000, up to 503,719 vehicles. Fox Is still the family Car of choice, inexpensive, compact IraqIs. Fox officially lIsted, the new Car Is essentially the same exterior and interior, primarily upgraded and adjusted for configuration. We all know that buying a Car to see the Big Three, Big Three Car depends on the quality and matching, the assembly process, in fact, the Car color value, space Is still followed, the engine Is a particularly important component. Fox Is the biggest change in the whole system comes standard with 8-inch screen center console, which Is the older products are not available, not only to enhance the convenience of daily use, but also further enhance the competitiveness of their configuration.

Fox continuation of cash in the control design, reduces button. The biggest change for the first time Fox trim line comes standard with 8-inch capacitive multi-touch screen, providing onboard connectivity system SYNC 3 and the original Chi-line multimedia navigation system, two advanced mobile Internet system equipped with 8-inch large touch screen. Fox brand continues superior handling, secure and reliable leader in intelligent product advantages, 2019 Ford Focus continues to sharpen product strength, continued to improve market competitiveness, so that more consumers to enjoy the fun of driving pleasure. Fox perception if not deliberately go, you Will not find it when the four-cylinder engine idling vibration and what Is the difference, and driving up the texture Is smooth. Engine noIse and 1.5T models are not very different, specially tuned Ford also been cited at high rpm thIs engineThe roar of the engine, and sounds make it feel more large dIsplacement engines.

Fox killer quite interesting movement or its performance, the engine power Is 1.5T turbocharged engines with dIsplacement largest horsepower can reach 181 and rapid throttle response, solid chassIs can stimulate your driving desires. In addition to the power to force outside its configuration Is also very rich, not only meet domestic demand but also a means of transport to bring some fun to drive, the most critical Is Fox’s offer Is also good. Focus 1.5T EcoBoost engine maximum power models are equipped with 181ps, the peak torque of 240 Nm, can be described as full of power, more gratifying Is that, 1.5T model Is a matching 6AT gearbox, the degree of matching and durability better than dual-clutch 1.6L model Is much better, it Is recommended to buy Fox’s words, or on 1.5T models. Ford Focus seats Will vary according to the configuration of different models, the Ford Focus really making the Sport model uses a material with flannel and leather seats, the Ford Focus sedan version was wrapped leather seats, a comfortable entry-level Ford Focus version of the model using the fabric of the seat, additional lines were Ford Focus full manual seat adjustment.