A customized car revolution quietly rIsing

In many described the next round of industrial revolution in books and articles, Will give an example of thIs – at a certain price conditions, by phone custom Car of hIs own Car.

ThIs Is because such a simple and familiar example, put all elements of an industrial revolution, are included in it – mobile, data, intelligent manufacturing, large-scale custom made.

ThIs pattern Is known as C2B (Consumer to Business, namely consumer to business) models include the definition, design and development, validation Car, free matching, user pricing, feedback improved 6 major areas, which requires companies to conduct a “change bone” type of innovation in the supply chain, production lines, channels, chain and enterprIse iT architecture and so the whole value chain, Is a very typical manufacturing upgrades.

enterprIses have begun to try. As early as August 2019, SAIC Chase had released the first Internet customized products – a full-size SUV D90. Recently, Chase continues to Issue its smart Chooser “Spider Holiday” on the phone, with ordinary SUV price (range of about 150,000 -26 million yuan(CNY)(CNY)) to customize a full-size SUV D90 of their choice.

ThIs Is the most interesting thing Is that, unlike the general Car prices of option packages, the user can configure exactly like you want to eat the same buffet style Car on the phone, such as style front grille, encloses the rear, nine species of body color, eight kinds seat seating layout 3-8, hub style, four-wheel drive mode, etc., in theory, there are millions of consumers can choose a combination of configurations, the price of 10,616 kinds of support gradient.

In fact, thIs Is typical of a CPS (cyber physical systems, information of a physical system) landing scenario. CPS and the tongue-twIsting words, Is the core manufacturing revolution Is now the hottest.

a new round of manufacturing revolution

a more and more prominent behind thIs revolution phenomenon, Is to createIndustry has returned to the world stage in the center.

In May 2005, the US Congress asked the National Academy of Sciences assessment of the US technological competitiveness, and make recommendations to maintain and enhance thIs competitiveness. Five months later, based on thIs research report, “stand above the storm” come out. On thIs basIs, Issued in February 2006 “American Competitiveness Initiative” Will be information of a physical system (Cyber ​​Physics System, CPS) as an important research project.

Meaning of CPS that the physically connected devices to the Internet, so that the physical device has five functions computing, communication, precIse control, remote coordination and Autonomy, which makes it for commercial Internet the combination becomes great significance.

play an important role in the CPS-funded research by the National Science Foundation (NSF) believes, CPS Will let the whole world interconnected, “as the Internet has changed Like human interaction, CPS Will change the way we interact with the physical world. “PrecIsely because of thIs, in July 2007, uS President Science and technology AdvIsory Committee (PCAST), entitled” leading the next challenge – competing in the world reports information technology research and development “in the lIst of eight key information technology, which ranked first in the CPS, and the rest are software, data, data storage and data flow, networking, high-end computing, network and information security, human-machine interface , NIT and social sciences.

In 2013, Germany was first proposed at the Hannover Fair industrial strategy 4.0 to 1.0 corresponds to the beginning of the industrial labor machinery, industrial mass production line of 2.0, 3.0 Is the industry of industrial Automation. 4.0 Industrial more emphasIs Is lateral integration between plant and factories and enterprIses, and integrated into the final material from the end user.

but, unlike Germany, the United States proposed that the Internet industry. The concept was first proposed in 2012 by the GE, in April 2014, CIsco, GE, IBM and Intel jointly set up four giant Internet industry alliances, and strong manufacturing base Germany, the United States pay more attention to the concept of Internet-based industrial Internet technology, the data flow manufacturing, hardware, softwareIntelligent interaction, after collecting big data consIsts of intelligent devices, using intelligent system big data analytics tools for data mining and vIsualization to show the formation of “intelligent decIsion”, provides real-time to determine a reference for production management, in turn guide the production, optimize manufacturing processes.

It can be seen, more attention 4.0 German industrial manufacture of integrated terminal, and U.S. Internet industry Is more concerned with the flow of information on the value chain. But the two concepts, said a few years, in addition to Siemens of Germany and the United States GE two sponsors, the case can come to be widely shared, not many.

one by one to transform the whole value chain

in manufacturing end, driven by the nature of the Internet information direct customization mode of production, many companies are beginning to practice, Is undoubtedly the most representative of the above-mentioned SAIC Chase’s C2B model.

In the model defined Chase C2B model, design, development, verification Car, free matching, pricing user feedback to improve six links in addition to the purposes of obtaining a large amount of data at the C-terminus, requirements gathering, etc., in the production end, Chase also need digital transformation of the entire production line to meet the needs of thousands of thousand faces of customization.

“After 85, 90 and other new generation of consumer groups no longer accustomed to the traditional Car sales model, offers several fixed models, the personalization options space Is too small.” Chase Is responsible for user Head of operations expressed, “C2B Is for the user demand driven model.”

SAIC Chase CIO Wu Gang from the industry level to C2B were interpreted , which represents titanium media, “the essence of C2B Is an intelligent, network interconnection, customized industrial model, pulled directly from the consumer end research and development, supply chain and manufacturing sectors, ultimately to produce personalized products.”

Wu steel that, C2B mode can contribute to the industrial applications 4.0 mainly in four levels:

first, the user analysIs. C2B model of nuclearHeart Is with the user to establIsh direct connection, so data model, multi-dimensional cross-analysIs, in-depth understanding of user behavior Is the only way. By obtaining user behavior and traffic data, the user can restore the whole picture, to optimize the product experience, improve operational efficiency. Second, innovation and research and development. The introduction of systems engineering, concurrent engineering, modular design and other advanced methods, the use of digital technology, virtualization (CAE / CAD), networking, big data technologies, build personalized product development environment. Third, manufacturing excellence. For manufacturing pyramid, through the manufacturing process online platform, open up the research and development, technology, production horizontal integration, through the online device management platform, open up businesses, workshops, equipment vertical integration, the introduction of modular technology, advanced product engineering and other methods, the use of virtual simulation technology, 3D printing, virtual reality technology, building technology planning, factory planning, production and operation of integrated management and control environment that supports factory planning and ongoing operations. Fourth, the wIsdom of the supply chain. C2B landing in the Automotive industry, Will undoubtedly bring about a revolutionary change, not only need to upgrade dIstribution channels, more upstream supply chain also needs transformation.

Chase their own business from SAIC, personalized orders made selling commercial vehicle platform has reached V80 40%, and for the RV customer requirements Is a 100% personalized. As a result, SAIC Chase to form a low-volume business model and flexible, personalized manufacturing system capacity multi-species, which was quickly adapt C2B business model switched to lay a certain foundation.

“commercial need customized basIs for determining the Chase can be the first to launch C2B mode.” Blue Pine, vice president of SAIC in an interview with titanium interview said, “So, innovation Is forced out. “

” Chase’s information system covers the whole value chain of the various business segments, including DMS, SAP, PLM, MES, etc., digitization of the production line has done a simultaneous construction, upstream and downstream industries and sectors to achieve the open. “Wu Gang told titanium media.

In practice C2B mode, the digital technology have laid the foundation for the flexible production.

“on a trolley Car and the next because of the configuration and customization may not be the same, but it does not matter, because the installed position of the dIsplay has to tell the workers the next trolley pretend to be something, how loaded. “Yi presentation package.

Moreover, in the part of the ingredients, SAIC Chase also made corresponding improvements to ensure assembly workers need to consider how to match. “Chase Will know the configuration of each order through IT systems in advance, then thIs Will directly order the material ready in the logIstics area, with a Car transported to the production line.” Yi said package.

In addition, after the entire information chain were opened, suppliers, vendors and Car prices are achieved in obtaining synchronization information.

“Chase data chain may be extended at the front end to the individual user, and then extends to the user’s social groups, at the rear end, the vendor may extend the production chain, which are included in the terminal B C2B. “Wu said steel,” Once the user successfully in a single vertical inlet our factory and supply chain Will see. “

throughout supply chain outside the Car business control, intelligent production Is the primary challenge lies.

According to Wu Gang, in response to customization production, also need to do a lot of digital transformation of the supply chain, “For suppliers, dIstribution manufacturing, timely delivery, and online capabilities are required to follow the real C2B project upgrade. “

At present, SAIC Chase has driven supply chain companies have done a lot of upgrades, for example, pulling the KSK, etc. innovative business models, to promote the supply side of things using the UWB technology to locate parts of transportation warehouse management, timely response to vehicle production and so on.

However, Wu Gang admits, “penetration and extension of the supply chain Is all C2B model in understanding and deployment neglected part, thIs difficulty Is very large, because you need to talk collaboration between suppliers, drive them to a new model transformation and upgrading. “


production line flow

CPS system as an important end product of C, the emergence of smart Chooser “Spider Holiday”, but also makes the original Automotive value chain out of thin air adds an important flow of information.

as an important interface Chase in contact with the user, “Spider Holiday” The first Is designed only want users to be like in the cafeteria, according to their preferences, configure to purchase new Car, while addressing a major pain point a long time user of the Car – price opaque: Holiday on the spider, all the options price tag, price transparency.

If, however, from the perspective of intelligent manufacturing point of view, “Spider Holiday” and far more than that of Chase’s meaning Is to give Chase a part of the system to bring the biggest change.

SAIC Chase posted D90 product definition stage 18 defined point, the user has submitted nearly 30,000 needs based on these definitions points, which Will directly determine the length of the body, drive type, etc. basic features; and optional stage in the product, users can not only customize the configuration you want, you can also choose four-wheel drive and four-wheel drive modes timely, which Is quite rare in the entire Automotive industry. It Is understood that, in theory, “Spider Holiday” hundreds of millions of configurations to meet the number of combinations to support the 10,616 kinds of price gradient.

[New intelligent customization, giving the user a better experience Optional]

how these changes intuitively presented to the user, in fact, Is a very big challenge. “Spider Holiday” by complex data operations, so that users can get at home 4S shop experience. An important feature of thIs system Is actually CPS – calculate and analyze vast amounts.

As of 2019 end of February, SAIC Chase user operating platform “Bank” has fans 3.4 million on the whole network all media, in which micro-channel public number of fans exceeded 2 million, microblogging fans 870,000, from other media platforms 250,000 fans, the Bank regIstered users 870,000.

These massive user interaction with the Chooser for the “Spider Holiday” self iteration and optimization Chase products areIt provides massive level of valuable data resources.

According to data provided by Chase, “Spider Holiday” vIsits 50000-70000 day, the number of transactions processed per second, 110 times. There Is every user access, every click Is the real deal about the interactive products that can help Chase continue to improve products and increase certainty for users’ needs.

of thIs magnitude and duration of customer interactions in traditional model of Car manufacturers point of view, it Is simply unthinkable. For example, in D90 Call for pricing activities in April 2019 to No. 19 of August 6, there are more than 660,000 independent ID, more than 1,720,000 times data entry to Chase pricing activity in the system. The traditional Automobile manufacturers on a new product before, Will spend one million cost to find a consulting firm to do market research, consulting firm to give the sample size Is generally 1000-2000, which means that on average each city to Up to 100 customers.

From the other hand, Chase online users huge stock, it also brings precIse traffic to your original dealer system Is very robust and 4S store network coverage . Chase has plenty of stores in the test drive, in addition to encourage people to customize with personalized Chooser, encourage more consumers to experience the next line D90, do the line test drive experience, personalized orders online, the line under the full integration of on-line experience.

After the introduction of the Ford production line from 100 years ago, and the basic logic flow of Automobile production, have not changed. Manufacturers are in accordance with their own plans and schedule, process-centric production. Many custom wheel before the tide, basically solved the only color, and some personalized accessories accessories only, customization of the vehicle has not been truly realized, at both ends of the production line has been the manufacturers and dIstributors, users are absence. Even the use of cutting-edge as Tesla Is only part of the air in the Car aftermarket upgrades Technology (OTA) remote feature upgrades, presenting a large number of scientific and technological experience for the owners, but the front end of the value chain, but failed to interact with the user direct connection.

in the entire Automotive industry, such as “Spider Holiday” products start to appear, the first truly user the option to combine front-end and back-end flexible manufacturing data, the configuration right back toConsumers – Users can customize demand, orders intelligent, independent personality configurations: the background Will directly generate orders, can achieve transparent Car set calendar orders traceable and can be found online, the complete process-centric before the traditional large Car scale production shift to data-centric customization.

For example, in pre-market process, the SAIC Chase customers received the proposed changes, mostly in three aspects:

first one, like the pursuit of the ultimate customers in a cost-effective option Uranus, that the original matching program, “If you need to select the whole Car 12 speakers, you must first select zebra vehicle networking systems,” the cost Is not high with Sirius;

second, the user selected version of four-wheel type high recommendation may be selected simultaneously halogen headlights, high low version version of the model can be selected configuration, while the user selected the low version of the configuration Is highly desirable to be able to version of the model Some high-tech configuration open.

Third, as a tough SUV models, because the body has a height higher user response, when the Car does not handle, while the vehicle Is unable to select full size spare tire and the vehicle speed fender, then you need to own a Car modification shop installation.

In response to these user feedback suggestions, SAIC Chase did a quick optimization, which should also be the first time in the industry, such as:

1. thIs high with zebra Car models can not choose the premIse of choice for networking with 12 speakers in.

2. The high version halogen headlights of vehicles to choose the low version models.

3. Welcome pedal lights the LED with configuration changes.

In addition to the modifications described above, we also increased the number of high appeal to a new configuration for your choice, such as: authentication original fenders, full-size spare tire, a column driver handle main Car, and even now even Car fender trim can be optional.

in the whole industry chain mode C2B open during each configuration and adjustment of the matching program, running corresponds to the rear end of the supply chain and production lines. If in the traditional mode of production, such frequent adjustment Is difficult to imagine.

“spider Holiday ‘experience as a user needs direct contact with up unit behind the connection SAIC Chase in the production, manufacturing, and almost all of the results on supply chain integration of information combing and application architecture Is typical of CPS concept already applied.

while “Spider Holiday” experience from the user to configure a comprehensive upgrade program, Is meant Chase C2B model has spent the early run-in period, the exploratory phase into the fine operation . Internet concept data for industrial production guidance and optimization, CPS system set up, and the flow of information architecture and applications, these new ideas in Chase industrial production process has been fully reflected. Since

According to official data, since September 2019, D90 completed the first delivery, sales of nearly 8,000 units, C2B custom rate of 90%.

“In fact, we do not want to emphasize that he Is Industry 4.0 or Internet industry, we’re just trying to run through C2B model, and thIs process, these ideas and technology must work for us . “says Wu Gang.