A 1957 Ford classic cars instantly rejuvenated: all-electric power endurance 120 km

Recently, a group of Car enthusiasts in New Zealand, Will be a classic 1957 Ford Car modified Car all-electric vehicles. These people’s behavior, so we are very amazing, original classic Cars can also become popular all-electric sports Car.

According to drive to enjoy brother Is understood that thIs group of people by the classic 1957 Ford Fairlane transformed into an all-electric drivetrain of classic Cars . The project was initiated by the New Zealand energy company Mercury.

In the conversion process, they found a 1957 Ford Fairlane, and handed it to a franchIsed electric Car modification of local shops to complete.

In order to be modified, they dIsmantled the huge internal combustion engine vehicles, replaced by a more compact Siemens electric motor, which was initially for the design of electric buses. Obviously, thIs Car classic Cars in order to achieve electric power, but also need enough energy support.

In addition, they created a custom battery pack and an electric motor mounted on the engine compartment.

Mercury company said, the battery pack 218 by the rectangular battery cells with a total capacity of about 50 kWh. Charging Car battery life of about 120 km. After the Car was modified, the battery pack has been quite heavy vehicles increased by about 400 kg (880 lbs).

After the modification, they must also create a custom controller, and power electronics product development software, because in order to ensure that thIs the Car to work properly, and even fast charging, the Car needs to Carry out all the modifications. It can be said, from hardware to software, thIs Car has 61-year-old classic Cars, now rejuvenated.

ThIs Car Is known as “Evie”, in order to work properly, it Will be tested and demonstrated in New Zealand, in order to advance the company’s electric vehicles to promote the plan, thIs Is a moving billboard.