8-year-old boy altitude parabolic smashed cars which also sandwiched a pay slips

May 9 afternoon, Changshu, Jiangsu Province in the public Otto get the vehicles, was surprised to find his car suffered a garbage “raid.” In order to get justice, Otto immediately dialed 110 calls. From a bag of garbage, the police can identify the perpetrators do?

Alarm, Riverside police station rushed to the trouble area. After viewing, Otto and around the car roof strewn with a lot of garbage, roof skylights, there are signs of damage. Environmental analysis from the scene, which is very likely to play a senior police intelligence household arbitrary parabolic caused. Because the scene is not related public video, which makes it difficult to find the perpetrators Alarming players. After comprehensive judgments, Alarming players turn our attention to the bags of garbage.

“which opened to have a look, there was a note, is a pay slips, are real names, there Moumou name.” As a clue, the police through residential property look soon to the 23 floor tenants Moumou. The face of the police investigation, denied that he had Moumou height of parabolic behavior. But after seeing their pay slips, Moumou admit that this is their own garbage. That garbage Who threw it?

It turned out the same day Zhang to make their 8-year-old son to the guard room to take delivery, the way the garbage bags into the trash. Who knows, children and called garbage bags thrown down from the 23rd floor.

After ascertain the truth, Moumou to apologize to the owners, represented by a car wash he was responsible for, and bear the maintenance costs skylight. Meanwhile, Moumou committed to strengthening the education of his son, to prevent a similar situation again.