760,000 BMW X5 worth buying? Open only six months, the owner of the car upright to talk about experience

Hello everyone, thIs article Will share with you “760,000 BMW X5 worth buying? Open only six months, the owner of the Car upright to talk about experience. ”

The current market surging Car, a good Car and a successfully brought to market. “Xiaogang gun” Fox, beat the pack in the market. “Japanese evergreen” Honda Accord, see the same level models have to concede three points. Focus on improving the quality of their lives today, only those who truly meet the needs of users of the Car, to get a place. As the BMW X5. BMW X5 mentioned, we have to share the feelings of the owner, Mr. Wang out of hIs annual salary of 780,000, to mention just spent 760,000 BMW X5, open 180 days, the BMW X5 what can get hIs favor? Let the owners for us to answer.

exterior and interior

appearance Is very domineering, it did not say keep them coming back, definitely recognize at a glance thIs station Is out of the BMW X5. Tall body, the assembly line fashion strip, in front of two large air intake hole, like a horse’s nose the same. Headlight LED light source, dIstance with Automatic, servo function, a pleasant atmosphere full of ambient lighting. Paint thinner, would be better if some of the words in a thick, hope pearl paint as standard. BMW interior as it were, I think, than not and Mercedes-Benz, simple atmosphere. Overall good, can not answer the phone screen LCD screen, the negative feedback, the new 5 Series has, X5 actually did not. BMW thIs be earth-shaking changes, strong sense of design, texture Is perfect, leather, bright, crystal. ThIs must Tucao about, especially piece of imitation wood decorative panels, really ugly sum, the rest are okay.

space and comfort

space Is good, because no one Is tall and stout home. But for me it Is just to moderate (about my height 178CM, moderate body weight). Enough, the rear seat down, pull the flat-panel televIsion and stereo too appropriate. Large spacious trunk high sitting position. Comfort lot stronger than the previous generation, comfort Is not the essence of the BMW. Damping how should I say, I do not pay attention, it should also be. NoIse from the engine compartment and the chassIs Isolated well, runflat tire noIseLarger. The seat Is still too hard, especially in the back, or take a long time Will bring a stiff dIscomfort.

driving experience

power I feel okay, ah, sports mode, super-fast, balanced mode. B58B30CTU just get thIs straight six-cylinder engine 10 best global, others do not do more to introduce, Will not let you down. To turn it exciting 2000, overtaking basic to step on a deep, sport mode Is very crazy, very interesting but fuel consumption Is also large. 120 yards after oil floor, or there Will be push back, absolutely personal very satIsfied. So much so high a Car, it should open up even more comfortable than a lot of Car control. Electronic power without a Car a sense of control good enough for BMW brand. The suspension Is also stiffer than 300H, but comfortable enough. Car feels very sensitive, very smooth acceleration, especially BMW’s turbocharged, simply do not feel turbine intervention. Fuel consumption, the beginning has not been looking to see fuel consumption dIsplay, etc. in accordance with instructions to find a look surprIsed, 23 oil, pitted a few days to see.

In summary: 760,000 BMW X5 worth buying? Open only six months, the owner of the Car upright to talk about experience. After lIstening to the owner’s share, I think, the BMW X5 can achieve immediate success, do not like the look would not choose it. Interior barely meet expectations, we can not look, after all, American-made rough. ThIs Car space Needless to say, with the same level Is a handicap. SUV open up comfort, behold the one hand, it Is also good. Admittedly, the BMW X5 overall cost Is high. So for many of the advantages of the BMW X5, do you have any ideas?