6 big reason to tell you Why we prefer white car?

if you do not know the owners and friends found a phenomenon? That Is very much now on the street white Car, it can almost be “bad street” to describe, but according to authoritative survey data show that U.S. Is “service” model, the first body color top 3 are white, black silver and white, then you know Why the white stand out from the many colors it? There are six major reasons.

white Car looks great

When we buy clothes, you should understand common sense, that that Is, fat people wearing dark clothes Will look thinner, it Is also applicable on the Car, a white Car looks really be larger than the black Car, as the following figure contrast, Is not that white Car the space Is larger than the black Car a little bit? In fact, two Cars Is as big, plus our friends, many owners have a “Cart complex”, so it looks big white Car Is more popular.

white Car Is wild section

Speaking of wild color, curator believe we Will think of black and white two-color, after all, Talia, in some cases, can be identified as the basIs of color, but also in everyday life, if we have a choice difficult dIsease to choose the color, then the curator believe we Will choose white or black, which Is one of the main reasons these two colors top-ranked Car.

white Car more dirt

I believe there are many owners and friends to see thIs one Is not understood, after all, the inherent thinking, black and other dark lines Is dirt color, white Is the color Is not dirt, but the body in the Car, it may reverse the dust on the road, after the rainy and muddy water so make bright black lacquered find any, even a slight scratch in a small black Car body Will be very vIsible.

and white Car Is different, light dust and muddy water, and the white paint because little contrast, but then could not be vIsualized on a white Car obviously, but also due to the generally light-colored small scratchesLines, and the white paint Is relatively similar, so it Is not easy to see, so white Cars than black and other dark Car more dirt, but, if not a good long-term conservation of white paint, then it would also send yellow, become ugly, so be sure to pay more attention to the maintenance of the paint, especially white Car.

white Cars safer

at night time travel, we Will try to avoid wearing dark clothes, because it Is not easy to make people notice you, so that Is the reason the accident, black and other dark colors Auto happen, so white and dark contrast of the strongest became the best choice for many owners.

white Car Is not easy endothermic

In the summer, curator believe many owners have experienced friends the Car was “cooked” in the sun, even at awkward moment the Car barbecue, which Is a common problem every black Car, in order to allow their own Car can live a little longer in thIs “tough” world, many friends owners Will choose to be less endothermic white Car.

white Car usually does not need to increase the purchase

special color many Car brands have their own pride such as Ferrari red race, the soul of Mazda’s dynamic red, dark blue and gold Honda, etc., because these colors require a special production process, so usually need to increase to purchase, and to start the white Car would not have thIs kinds of trouble, because white Is the color of every one of the largest Car prices production.

Car owners and friends, your Car Is white it?