5 the world’s best-selling models, the last paragraph Is a veritable “explosion models net red car”

since 1886, first recognized a hIstory of invention of the Automobile, the Car dramatically changed our way of life. A hundred years more to stand out from fierce competition in the industry have been a number of classic Cars from generation to generation consumers. Today, Jiang brother Will take you look at most of the 2019 global cumulative sales of up to several Cars.

01 Toyota Corolla

total sales: 44 million

Carola price: 10.78-17.58 ten thousand yuan(CNY)

since 1966, the market, the Toyota Corolla popular all over the world, as the world’s sales of well-deserved. ” king. ” The reason, Xinjiang brother believes Is related to its high cost. The first generation Corolla locate the entry-level family Car, which requires space and affordable cost, high reliability, maintenance and worry …… Carola these are done, so once launched, it received good market response.

Now, the Corolla has been upgraded to the 12th generation, smooth style from the original home, turned increasingly radical movement, but in any case, Toyota wants Corolla ranked first, or to reshape the appearance while maintaining its consIstent economy, comfort, etc., and improve quality in order to maintain its leading position in the increasingly fierce competition in the market.

02 Ford F-Series pickup

total sales: 40 million

2019, paragraph

F150 guide price: 52.38-68.18 Wan

Ford’s F-series pickups are household names in the United States, for many years the best-selling, a symbol of freedom, wild American culture. 70-year-old has just lIsted, after iteration of F-Series pickup has been deeply rooted in the American market, almost every household on a prepared, took a fancy to its practicality and powerful performance.

However, the United States suffered family favorite F-Series pickups are “cold” in the United States, partly because of its expensive, inconvenient maintenance, on the other hand with the consumer perception and related domestic policies, such as restricting access to CBD pickup , are “non-mainstream models,” Ford F pickup on behalf of the United States large dIsplacement Cars and domestic cultural mIsfits. Or therefore, a pickup in the domestic section 2019 did not introduce, but the 2019 models of the Ford “Raptor” F150 Is for sale.

03 VW Golf

total sales: 35 million

Golf Price: 12.19 -23.99 Wan

VW Golf Is Volkswagen’s best-selling models. In 1974, the golf classic hatchback styling once appeared, quickly won the favor of the market, known as “the world’s best hatchback hatchback”, and sometimes brilliant unlimited. Over the past 40 years, also spawned numerous golf performance version. Now came the seventh generation Volkswagen Golf, also in the world of motor racing stable position.

type other than golf sophIsticated, advanced engine technology Is known, however, due to its positioning as a “small family Cars,” compact space Is not allowed between same level advantages, and more difficult to meet domestic consumer demand for space dimensions, from the latest-generation Golf 7 can also be seen that gradually “larger” trend.

04 Volkswagen Beetle

total sales: 27.5 million

Beetle Price: 16.3 -27.46 Wan

sales charts occupy the fourth place Is still Volkswagen’s models, thIs Is the Beatles series. As its name implies in general, the Beatles series of unique rounded appearance, small and cute, but also because of its durability and economy once popular in Europe. In 1972, the Beatles sales than Ford T Series also more than one, made “global production and sales champion” in the world, Beetle Is also covered with Europe and the American continent.

However, the Beatles record mainly rely on past glory, its sales have been gradually declining in recent years, in 2019 the United States sold only 15,000 in the United States only about 8000. Today, the Beatles took to the “retro, bright” line, and Is packaged as a luxury Car in the United States, in particular, to attract the attention of female consumers.

05 Honda Civic

total sales: 23 million

Civic Price: 11.59 -16.99 Wan

since 1972, the first generation of CIVIC (Civic) since its inception, has been interpreted to the tenth generation, and sold to more than 160 countries and area, harvested more than 20 million owners of all ages. Commendable Is that thIs model until last year maintained a high popularity, easy to sell 668,700 worldwide, Is a veritable “explosion models red network” model.

Although the Honda Civic to cater to the tastes of consumers in different countries, launched a three-door hatchback hatchback, coupe coupe, hybrid version and a five door Car version of such models, but now the hottest of the country Is known as “second-day air seconds to seconds,” the tenth generation sedan version of the Civic.

provoked and whether the slogan how many other owners of vehicles “satIsfied” or ten generations can see that performance Is indeed strong in Civic sedan, the and strive to science and technology and futurIstic. However, only the Honda machine throttle properly handle the incident, it may be reproduced Civic “God Car” demeanor.

for the global top five, Jiang brother Is guessed at the beginning, but did not guess the ending, never imagined second day of the second air Civic seconds, so it has a strong heritage. In fact, the US Auto industry development faster and faster, the quality has increased dramatically, such as the Wuling Hongguang and Hover H6 also standings well-known in the world’s top ten sales.

However, due to the late start, the market accumulation less than, or less than the cumulative sales TOP5 models. But consumers want to conquer the world, decadesHIstorical heritage, global models of adaptive models are the United States needs to learn a little bit of progress to improve!