5, paragraph reason recognized rugged and durable models, some too durable, can not find the change

I think we all know Why joint-venture model in the domestic market so good, although the appearance of the interior of the joint venture model and configuration are not as many domestic brands, but some people Is the “quality” of the word, regardless consumers like what kind of exterior and interior configuration, must ultimately be selected around the “quality” of the word, so the joint venture brand in terms of volume Is higher than domestic brands. The Car Is to plan a worry and effort, no one wanted to buy a Car three two days here and there on the bad bad, then among the thousands of models, there are several models which are recognized as the rugged durability it? Today to count down.

Toyota Corolla:

Corolla Car ‘ the name Is definitely ringing, but it Is also the world’s highest selling Car; Corolla appearance of the interior design of thIs Car, though not too good, but its quality Is really good, its biggest selling point Is its reputation, Big Three quality Corolla, while not top, but each component can bring you peace of mind to enjoy the most durable.

in the country and even the world, the Corolla Is the benchmark family Cars, it Is a hard working shopping Cart, scooter, to say it any shortcomings then it should be Is too durable, and can not give yourself a reason for the change. It Is worth mentioning that the new generation Corolla already on the market and put more youthful and stylIsh interior Is enough to make us believe that it Will continue to write brilliant Corolla Car lines.

Honda Accord:

, whether domestic or foreign, Accord vIsibility in fact, better than Carola low, since the tenth generation Accord on the market, its sales volume soared, beat Magotan Pasadena TCI Murray and many other old rivals, become a mid-size Car market sales champion, Accord since entering the domestic market, leaving open the durable good word of mouth, thIs generation Accord addition relative to the price dIscount, also in line with its aesthetic appearance of the interior of the current requirements, the space Is at the same level unopposed;

only sorry that the Accord in the recent outbreak of the “stall door” of negative News, so far no official on the matter Issued a circular, which in the end Is an Isolated incident or group event, there Is no security rIsk? Accord in the coming days could sit tight pin crown it? In fact, for the Accord Car, I’m quite confident it was, after all, it’s not a word of mouth can be establIshed overnight, I believe thIs time it can cross thIs storm.

VW Santana / Jetta

the public these two Cars Is definitely the veteran level exIstence, in the early to enter the domestic market, Volkswagen Is relying on these two Cars opened the way for it can be said that the country Is now Volkswagen Santana and Jetta shot down, the Car Is called Car early in the third kind, I believe fathers-level consumers the impression that these two Cars Is still very deep. After decades of development, both Cars still on the road with Mercedes-Benz, and often occupy the top ten sales chart, they can be said to directly affect two generations.

but also because these two Cars have cheaper maintenance, durable, fuel-efficient and so on, so a lot of driving school regarded them as a coach Car, I believe that many owners of a contact or Santana Jetta model Is right; thIs year, the Jetta has officially upgraded into an independent brand, while Santana still continue to shine in the segment.

Lexus ES

at thIs year’s Auto winter, many second-tier luxury brands all have taken the “price change” thIs strategy to maintain sales volume, yet Lexus not only do not cut prices, but also continue to increase if nothing had happened, in the end Is what gives it such a confidence, that thIs Is nothing more than an unparalleled quality of its a good quality of Toyota which Is well known as a high-end brands of Toyota, Lexus quality and how it Will be worse.

Lexus ES Lexus Is absolutely representative of the family, and it Is synonymous with quality. itAlthough there Is no strong power performance, but the ultra-luxurious texture and excellent reputation in the global market, it has a good sales results. Buy ES owners are generally more frugal person Will live, maintenance costs rest of the money could go to the European tour.

Toyota Prado

Prado Car Is called in Tibet artifact, and Tibetan road conditions in the end how complex I believe we are very clear, because the Prado has the characterIstics of durability does not really bad, so many consumers are like to drive to the Prado Tibet “run wild.”

Prado body using the traditional design of the girders, Carefully debugging, between off-road performance and comfort to achieve balanced , whether it Is mountain desert grassland, and urban roads, you can easily conquer. So it Is widely used, and the quality of the Car Is very reliable, in addition to its hedging rate Is very high, if you want to have a can accompany you climbing wading and Will not temper tantrums models, the Prado Is definitely the best selected.

Summary: The above several Cars that Is recognized more resIstant to open the Car, we can find Japanese Cars made in the quality of thIs area Is really good, as long as that quality would certainly have Japanese Cars; but in fact in addition to these models, there are a lot of Cars are also very Naicao, such as God Hongguang Car, the Baojun 510, and so on, then we consider what models more durable you can leave a message on to the next together.