5 most luxurious automotive interiors, sat two of the proletariat, all sat bourgeoIs

2, BMW 7 Series, BMW 7 Series with its own dIstinctive approach to define a new luxury, whether it Is with dashboard trim chrome surround, or work with the overall interior materials, both show a unique luxury

3, Honda Civic, the interior design of the new Civic Is also the easy way out, great sense of design technology, workmanship are at the same level in the forefront , and not because the price Is not high and ignore the interior. The brick t remember, also has a Honda models award last year, it Is the Fit

4, Cadillac XT5, Cadillac XT5 represents a “new American” luxury feel, various cortex + stitching, as well as liquid crystal decorative wood panels show a strong sense of luxury and technological sense

5, the Chrysler Pacifica, interiors from the traditional American Cars sloppy, but to people a very superb comfort, dashboard accessories Is fantastic, the center of the large-size liquid crystal dIsplay also has extraordinary vIsual effects! I do not know how you look?