5 million cars and 10 million vehicles in the gap where the cheap car Will certainly do worse than expensive

and today we talk a more interesting topic recently when it comes to such a topic and chat with friends, for example, requires you to give you thousands of dollars to buy a Car, and the Car would like your own budget then you are in the end to buy a 50,000 dollar Car then save up the remaining 50,000, or direct thousands of dollars to buy a Car. After dIscussions with friends and I get another question, it Is to spend 50,000 to buy a Car and spend 100,000 to buy a Car in the end the gap where Is it, cheap Car certainly worse than it expensive?

The first point Is the question on the face, thIs nothing to say, to buy 50,000 dollars to buy a Car Is certainly not 100,000 dollar Car face. Because I think the domestic consumer awareness for the value of a Car, may still remain at around 10 million dollars, most people think that 100,000 to buy a similar Car, and that 50,000 to buy a Car only can it be to buy a Car.

Second, from the brand, if you can accept questions on the face, or do not Care about thIs and continue to look back. First products on the first point Is the difference between body size and appearance, that’s for sure, 10 million dollars of the vehicles can do modeling and 50,000 dollars to make Car styling like it! So 100,000 common than 50,000 Cars and big Cars and also looked at a little more sophIsticated, thIs Is all very well understood.

The second point Is that the configuration Is different, thIs Is well understood, configure thIs thing actually comes down to money out of the heap, Car prices in installed after the chassIs, engine, gearbox and so on, it really Is no other money plus other configurations. But the budget Is 10 million dollars rich, you can add more to thIs Car configuration, such as adding cruIse control, sunroof, etc., but these configurations in terms of 50,000 dollars becomes reluctantly.

The third point Is the 50,000 dollar Car Is certainly not as good as done thousands of dollars in terms of ergonomics, because of the limited cost 50,000 dollars on Car adjustment includes steering wheel adjustment dimension may be relatively small, may give you a seat adjustment and front and rear seat backrest adjustment, the steering wheel Is a two-down to adjust the seat, whichIt could lead to thIs kind of Car it very uncomfortable. How to overcome Is, thIs can only try more when buying a Car, to see which Car Is closest to their own comfortable sitting position, which Will buy Taiwan.

Fourth, chassIs texture, about $ 50,000 Car in terms of ride quality, able to open only say, but do not really have too many texture, while cruIsing at high speed when the Car because 50,000 dollars generally lighter body mass, and the election of tires Is quite narrow, which led to thIs Car at high speed stability Is not so good.

The fifth point Is the difference between acoustic noIse reduction, in fact, noIse noIse thIs thing Is really cost-prohibitive very large, some things by stacking It can be solved, but now the problem Is not so much the budget to buy materials. ThIs leads to about 50,000 when the Car run high-speed, large wind noIse, engine noIse Is also large, coupled with the tire choice may not be posted another good tires, tire noIse Will be particularly large, it Will lead to overall open high-speed, when really put Knock it off.

The sixth point Is that security, in fact, the problem of Car safety now Is not that particularly big problem, as long as your frame design enough reasonable, and then on the security configuration give a little, a little kind on the choice of steel, basic security Is no problem. These things may seem easy but want, but need more budget. 50,000 dollar Car Is really difficult to have those budgets, to give you too much to ensure security. ThIs results in about $ 50,000 Car as good as some 10 million Cars on safety.

so the comprehensive point of view, 50,000 dollars Car Is certainly not a good 100,000, but the loss of these things it depends on how you look up, If you buy a used Car Is a commuter use, Nengzhe hot or cold wind and rain, then buy about 50,000 yuan a Car, it Is air-conditioned, which makes your trip might be comfortable with a lot compared to the previous and not too many safety concerns, including noIse texture of the chassIs, bought it about a 50,000 Car did not particularly big problem. But if you usually higher frequencies Car, or the Car most of the scenes in high speed, then do not really buy about 5 million Cars, or as much as possible to your CarBudget increase a little, buy a more reliable and safer Cars, and that was more tricky.