5 best domestic car engine, quality Is more stable than the general public

a mIsunderstanding, do not think that the public performance chassIs engine as powerful as, contrary Volkswagen engine in the entire Automobile market performance status and can not be considered good, EA113 year, now EA888 performance can only say that in general, although the dynamic performance pretty good, but accompanied by high failure rates as well as the infamous burning oil Issue, had already been criticized by the market, a good engine performance not the case.

In fact, its own brand has experienced years of baptIsm, deep technology, some independent brands already well versed in the field of engine, integrated power, fuel consumption, NVH and reliability, have a very good evaluation, today recognized as the best engine on to talk about domestic Cars, they do better than the general public.

Chery, 1.5T engine Chery regarded as heirlooms, though not too strong technical aid, but he Will always be synonymous with reliability, whenever it comes to thIs Chery engine are given long warranty period, say, the tiger, and Rui Yi Ruize Is single engine warranty of ten years one million kilometers, the Czech Republic transit system ten years two hundred thousand kilometers, taking into account the mature technology and stable process, which the engine power Is not really very good engine, but the decIsion Is made engines in the most balanced one.

SAIC 1.5T, integrated experience for SAIC on thIs mid-cylinder direct injection engine 1.5T performance does have enough good, a lot of it into the general technology, engine whether it Is NVH or power and weigh on consumption are considered as an engine quite a force, equipped with thIs engine I6 and I5 models reputation performance Is relatively stable, the most critical Is that thIs engine with the relative peace of mind .

New York Automobile 1.3T / 1.5T, pure self-developed thIs engine support through one million Chi Chuan era, 1.3T engine reliability and stability more Yes, 1.5T engine more into account the performance of the power system, on the whole regarded as an excellent combination of power, on the GS4 Chi Chuan Is most apparent, to cope with a variety of excellent powertrain road conditions and a stable and durable quality performance, to the consumer enough confidence.

auspicious, auspicious engine divIsionMore, thIs started to rely on Toyota Car prices in engine technology the same technology to learn a little Toyota, at least relatively stable in terms of quality performance, although there Is not much advanced technology, but good enough to ensure the reliability and durability, 1.5L engine and a 1.8L naturally aspirated engine two most obvious, although the dynamic performance was not good enough, but enough to support the maintenance of a normal Car driving to be scrapped.

Great Wall 1.5T (direct injection), taking into account thIs power, fuel consumption, engine stability Is the great wall moment coming products, product reliability and outstanding stability performance, power output and rapid, the most critical Is the fuel consumption after the integration of technology Is not high, has a good reputation and strength of product performance in the market, Carry more current models, it Is also regarded as a product to force .

Please remember that homemade Is not bad, but poor people, experienced EA211 and really be able to find the gap with the Japanese after the engine EA888 engine, noIse and started to feel really hard to endure, the current domestic engine has achieved excellent results, the Issue has always been on public burning oil and no longer own brand engine large area, and the reliability and stability has also been greatly improved.