4S store brand 30+ 100+ Classic Car Museum collection private collection for 20 years!


to the 4S shop maintenance, it Is unable to retain only the temptation of food people, we also have a place to play and leIsure. ThIs Issue into the theme of the museum experience 4S shop to eat, drink , we introduce the first phase of the theme museum for the three and Classic Car Museum. Three and classic Cars collections began in the nineties , more than 100 collection , brought together at home and abroad more than 30 well-known brands , wrapped in retro Granville LIsburn, Beetle convertible, old-fashioned red flag and so on …… private collection oh !

three and vintage Car collection began in the 1990s, hundreds of pieces of the collection brings together more than 30 well-known domestic and foreign brands. Three and business development for 20 years, has always been committed to the promotion of classic Cars, Car culture as the Carrier, through the broad participation of major domestic and international Auto show festival events, let people enjoy close human remains of Auto industry development, exploration hIstory, recalling classic.

▲ three and classic Car Museum Logo

museum building area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, Is set vintage Car museum, retro street culture, children’s play area, art space, a small theater, a library Car, theme cafe in an integrated venue. The rich collection of international standards, integration of all kinds of lifestyle space, Is the private museum of classic Cars the country’s largest and influential of.

exhibition hall

classic Car museum Is a major museum collections showcasing venue , venues area of ​​nearly 2000 level, according to the hIstorical sequence of development of the Automobile, show more than 50 vintage Cars important era. Within the theme gallery light box dIsplay relevant articles to witness the hIstory of the Automobile industry. Wherein the video dIsplay area, focused on Automotive-related dIsplay image data.

museum collections there are many models, such as off-road favorite retro old cannon WillIs, as well as convertible Beetle and old-fashioned red flag and so on, and take lots of photos saved to the phone, and round my childhood dream ~ ~

▲ exhibition hall vintage

▲ exhibition hall red flag themed areas

film and televIsion ▲ dIstrict retro WillIs

retro street

Vintage Classic Car Museum Street For the last street, and the impact of Cars to restore the true human life, so that vIsitors Will be able, , according to the European Museum of the streets in the 1950s as a template designed and built a real street area.

retro culture Street area of ​​about 400 square meters, by different countries to create a museum, interpretation of exotic Car culture, the Museum Is another major feature of cultural dIsplay area.

▲ local corner retro street culture

children area

Taking advantage of the rest of the summer You can bring the child to look at the classic Car Museum, where not only vintage and classic Cars exhibition hall Street, as well as a children’s play area experience.

children’s play area to experience

, including Chengdu, the first large parent-child interactive educational safety driving experience program, as well as Car rubbings, color model and other projects, at the same time, the museum Is also the introduction of professional Car driving simulator,Allowing vIsitors to experience the excitement of driving the Car ride track.

Museum children’s play area of ​​about 500 sq, design and construction experience full account of the child’s safety, use all the decoration material Is also non-toxic materials, to provide the most secure entertainment experience for children.


cafe an area of ​​about 220 square meters, a unique classic Car design theme, original works of art both Maserati granddaughter of the founder, as well as major Car races king convoy original license plate.

tall roof, wide space, post-industrial design and set decoration dark chill main tone; with open and transparent lighting, seating between ancient bell embellIshment. American Shannon, suffused with the aroma of Caramel latte, seductive scent mixed chocolate mocha … in addition offers vIsitors coffee and dessert service basIs, but also introduced the museum special tone – “Hand red petrol” as a signature drinks.

▲ hand brewing

▲ pot of coffee

▲ latte

souvenir shops

▲ souvenir shops

souvenir shops an area of ​​about 115 square meters, providing Auto souvenirs for tourIsts, including Automotive Car models, children’s toys, household items, specialty stationery, fashion models, and a hundred souvenirs .

DIsplay TelevIsion Center

▲ multimedia movie theater corridor

multimedia TelevIsion Center , an area of ​​about 150 square meters which can accommodate 60 seated spectators to participate in activities, film and televIsion center has a small stage, may be small theater, opera and other performances.

▲ multimedia video theater

▲ Art Space

▲ start photography

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vintage Cars


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