46L dIsplacement of the car seen yet? The hIstory of the largest automobile engine, actually from aircraft engines

46L dIsplacement of the Car seen yet? The hIstory of the largest Automobile engines, aircraft engines came from the

Automobile industry development up to now, there Is growing recognition that the industrial pollution of the environment Is no way to make up. So to the 21st century nations for vehicle emIssions have a clearly defined, supercharged hybrid Car industry, triplex, new energy technology Is more mature. Less impact on the environment of new energy vehicles wide range of applications Is only a matter of time.

The maximum dIsplacement of the Car in the hIstory of the Car, 46.9L BMW! Aircraft engine with four wheels

However, when turbocharging technology into the mainstream Automotive industry, people seem to look down on the last large dIsplacement models, but thIs new energy vehicles started late, after all, compared with the big Cars has been developed for hundreds of years. Let Xiaobian to take stock of what those big Cars known for it.

Bugatti Chiron8.0L

successor, thIs Car has been called Bujiadiwei, the reason Is that many people have high hopes because its speed Is outstanding. The Car in the 2016 Geneva Motor Show debut, in terms of power, the Car was equipped with a 8.0TW 164 turbocharged engine, which makes the Car can reach a maximum of 1500 horsepower, thIs Car’s acceleration Barry the time required Is only 2.5 seconds. Of course, the price of the Car Is very expensive, up to 17,000,000 yuan.

understand Car knows that thIs Car really worth so much money, because the Bugatti Car in order to solve turbo lag phenomenon, specifically the use of two turbo technology, and thIs technology was very advanced. You know, like thIs very fast Car fuel consumption Is very high, the Car speed in the state can burn 100 liters of gasoline within 9 minutes. But I would like to be able to afford the Car owner should not bad money, so even if the high fuel consumption, but there are still many people flock to it.

As Automobile technology notBreaking development, thIs has been the king announced that it Will officially dIscontinued by the end of 2021. The new Bugatti company out of the Car Will not be worse than thIs.

Dodge Viper 8.4L

The Car Is the Chrysler Corporation acquired the Dodge Brothers in 1989 after launch of the sports Car, thIs Car Is one of the representatives of the US Department of super sports Car, thIs Car also has been called one of the most cost-effective Car. From the looks of thIs Car Is wide and low, it Is not really delicate. With but a very special appearance fascinated so many fans, of course, the most prominent but also the number of its engine. The Car Is equipped with 8.4LV10 engine, thIs Car makes maximum output reached 640 horsepower. The engine Is matched with a six-speed manual gearbox, which makes thIs Car a top speed can reach 354 kilometers per hour. Of course, fuel consumption Is very high, the Car’s fuel consumption Barry reached 21.38 liters.

Bugatti Royale12.7L

The Car was launched in 1927, but did not cause big stir at the time, because the regular rush on the economic crIsIs. Bugatti Car originally planned to produce 25, but due to the small final demand produced only six. The Car’s wheelbase of 4.3 meters, the body up to 6.4 meters, thIs Car was one of the most luxurious Cars. It Is equipped with eight-cylinder engine Is 12.7 l in-line, the 2000 rpm engine can output up to 300 horsepower, was unique in the Automotive world.

but thIs Car’s engine was also seen as a work of art, in addition to the same good shape outside, the Car can reach the speed for many Automobile can not. Unfortunately, although thIs Car produced only six but did not completely sold, but it does rely on a fire engine. Production before 1958 French trains are applied Bugatti engine. Until now, the value of thIs Car Is more that collection.

Weineck Cobra 12.9L

The Car has been called a true terrestrial loafers, unlike other vehicles, thIs Car comes from the German tuning brand weineck engineering, global only 15 units for $ 746,000. The Car used in the power aspect 12.9-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine, which makes thIs Car a maximum output of up to 1100 horsepower, thIs Car’s manual gearbox and can withstand up to 2000 Nm of torque. The Car Barry acceleration time Is 2.9 seconds, place where all prominent presence.

Pierce -Arrow Model 66 13.5L

Pierce-Arrow brand founded in 1901, the brand’s unique in that he the Car’s emIssions are large, generally in between 11.7 to rIse to 13.5 liters. The Car Is more a status symbol for people’s sense of time, so at that time many members of the royal family and upper class society people have thIs Car.

The Car engine was used in the creation of a new record, he Is equipped with 13.5-liter inline six-cylinder engine, the world was the Automotive industry’s largest engine. Unfortunately, at the time of the engine technology Is not very mature, so the maximum power of thIs engine Is only 60 horsepower, but to know it was in 1919. The presence of the brand in Automotive hIstory Is not long, but he’s a lot of products are well-loved social upper class, thIs Car also had served as president of the United States exclusive Car. But in the end due to various reasons in 1939, officially retired from the Automotive market, it Is regrettable.

Cadillac Sixteen 13.6L

thIs Car in the 2003 Detroit Auto Show debut, for thIs Car Cadillac meaning Is different. He was in the last century up to pay tribute to the Cadillac developed the first V16 engine 1930s. ThIs engine Is a V8 engine the two together so that the maximum output horsepower to 1000. Due to the large volume of the engine compartment of thIs Car, so the CadillacMubarak overall vehicle length of thIs Car also reached 5.2 meters long, compared to the same period of Maybach but also domineering little.

BMW Brutus 46.9L

thIs Car BMW’s official launch in 1908, compared to BMW the company launched the follow-up to the Car, it Is definitely regarded as the highest fuel consumption. Because the engine used in thIs Car Is also used on aircraft, the poor quality bar 12 engine dIsplacement reached 46 liters, while output reached 750 horsepower, which at the time was very rare. It Is worth mentioning that thIs Car Is a front engine, rear-wheel vehicle, due at the time of the Automotive world has not yet drive shaft, so the Car’s two rear wheels by a chain and gear drive, so it’s fuel consumption Is very huge.

BlitzenBenz 21.5L

The Car was known as lightning in the year-Benz, because hIs presence Is Mercedes-Benz has once again innovation for the Car. The Car can power up to 200 horsepower, and its top speed can reach 200 km / h. Note that it Is the birth of the era of the early 20th century Carriage Is still the most important means of transport. It Is understood that at the time thIs Car produced a total of six, and now it can be found only two in the world, the integrity can be imagined.

Although thIs big Cars really had a glorious, it Is the contribution of the Automotive sector can not be ignored. But the era of progress, the Automotive sector but also keep pace with the times, such a large dIsplacement models in the future Will exit the stage of hIstory, and replacing them Is that those few little pollution emIssions of new energy vehicles.