400 km endurance Competition The three most recommended electric vehicles

[Lead] as the technology development of technology, and now the electric Car mileage can already easily exceeded 400 kilometers, and found a small series of three own brand of pure electric Cars for everybody today, they are Changan new energy Yat move EV460, Geely Dorsett EV450, Beiqi new energy EU5, for the price of three Cars after subsidies are around 130,000, mileage Is more than 400 kilometers.

[Chang new energy Yi movable EV460]

Chang new energy Yi movable EV460 extending fuel version of the model motion fashion modeling, integrated mileage Is 405km.

new Car model Is the heritage of fuel version of the model design, Butterfly-style grille using a white enclosed design, interior headlight joined the dotted blue elements, so that the whole Car full of fashion sense.

The length and breadth were Car 474,018,201,530 mm, 2700 mm wheelbase, in contrast to the three Cars are moving most comfortable length excellent a.

Chang Yi moving new energy EV460 WIse Link version of the model, equipped with a wealth of design, such as LED headlights, electric sunroof keyless entry, etc., are equipped.

In the interior of the Car, the Car uses hit color design, a silver trim panel throughout the center console, and the large area of ​​cortical parcels, so that the vehicle texture in place, creating a luxurious atmosphere.

full LCD instrument panel Is Chang Yi moving new energy-smart version EV460 models a highlight, dashboard dIsplay clear, supports three theme mode switching, in line with the current positioning of new energy vehicles.

in the center console of the vehicle, with 10 inches in the control screen, it Is also supports three kinds of handover theme, which Is mounted inside the reversing image, CarLife other common functions enough to meet consumer demand.

in the seat, the Car Is equipped with not only a leather seats, but also with two seat memory function to facilitate different Car drivers.

In power, the Car was equipped with a maximum power of 100kW, maximum torque of 245Nm, integrated mileage at 405km, life data at the same level models among slightly advantage.

[auspicious Imperial EV450]

auspicious Dorsett EV450 aggressive version continues to extend the family design modeling, in the network on the basIs of fuel vehicles also made on the closed process, the rim Is the dress styles to meet the new energy target.

compared to the fuel in the rear styling

in terms of length and breadth of the Car, Car size 463,117,891,495 mm wheelbase of 2650 mm, Car, in fact, little changes, below the decoration Is also equipped with a dual exhaust layout.

in the appearance of the configuration, the new Car for everyone equipped with Automatic headlights and keyless entry and other configurations to meet the everyday household.

In the interior design Is more structured, T-shaped arrangement of the center console to make more apparent the law as a whole. New Car and did not use the full LCD instrumentation, choosing instead to fix digital instrument dIsplay, science and technology Is concerned, although not as long comfortable moving, but the overall use or satIsfied.

In power, the maximum motor power Geely Dorsett EV450 models reached 120kW, maximum torque of 250Nm, overall mileage up to 400km, as some daily travel entirely SatIsfy.

[BAIC new energy EU5]

BAIC New EU5 energy use on its front face shape Is a closed design, and blue elements indicate the identity of the new energy, the overallIt looks more coordinated.

in terms of vehicle length and breadth respectively 465,018,201,510 mm wheelbase of 2670 mm, the bottom of the front and rear design echoes, looks are more recognizable.

Beiqi new energy EU5 in the interior as we provide a light-colored layout, layout like thIs Will be more efforts on daily Care , the new Car Is equipped with a full LCD instrumentation, but you can not adjust the dIsplay theme.

aspects of life Beiqi new energy EU5 maximum power of 160kW, maximum torque of 300Nm, integrated mileage at 416km.


For more than three new energy vehicles, whether in life or in the configuration aspects, are to meet the everyday household, the price Is relatively close to the people some concessions to suppress consumer prices with more than three Cars, ladies and small partners, which one do you prefer?