4 large car lies, fooled us for 20 years, since many people still believed it!

four major Car lies, fooled us for 20 years, since many people still believed it!

hello Hello, everyone, now there are a lot of people Will have their own private Car, and usually also Will often travel as a means of transport. The first Is traveling on the highway when it also Will let more people worried that their vehicles tire blowout. Sooner or later Will lead to fatal Car crash tragedy, so spread it that way, and that Is to put on their Car flat tire, then it Will not be the case, it happens, in fact, such an approach Is wrong, explosion-proof Car tires after a puncture, but also to continue running for some time.

There Is also a Car key Is at our election, when most people have a habit that Will click on the front of the hood metal, metal look of thickness in the end Is what, it seems the thickness of the metal can represent the quality of the Car and thick-skinned, it Will be higher safety factor it? In fact, such wrong thinking Is wrong, the quality of the Car in the end how? Is dependent on the thickness and the thickness of the entire body frame of the vehicle body, the bumper beam and body iron Is no relationship.

SUV and sedan in contrast, the safety performance SUV also Will be higher, although the SUV models in appearance also seems to be more firm, and also to have a broader vIsion, but because the Car sound level SUV Is relatively heavy, so when the brake braking dIstance Will become, even when cornering, almost Is no Smart Car’s more agile, the actual situation Is the opposite, Cars compared to the same price under the premIse of the SUV are also Will be more secure.

for manual transmIssion models in the neutral taxiway time seems to be more fuel-efficient, for such Is the world in the 1990s to produce Cars say, it does have the effect of some of the obvious, but all are for the cylinder direct injection engine used in the vast majority, even under neutral slide state, the engine still Will not stop working, in contrast, when the internal heating glide, but Will make the engine easierAdd some coke.

So, for these types of errors are also long backlog form. There are a lot of drivers are now friends would believe such a lie, but also lied to us for 20 years. After we read the article today, the four of you to lie Is used to have kind of view? Whether dealers Will also believe words. In normal driving the Car which you have encountered a problem which, to be able to confirm such a lie it? You Will appear in what circumstances it among everyday driving course? But how to solve it? You may wIsh to leave a message at the bottom of it.