4 billion euros of investment planning Volkswagen Group (USA) transformation of the road

New York Motor Show the excitement continues, it Will show itself, some people look lively, look at the product, some people are concerned about the industry; and in terms of Car prices, in addition to the show Is the best product publicity, the more “ideological” propaganda, a lot of Car prices Will summarize recent achievements and future directions before and after the show.

started electric Car offensive deeply committed to the mobile travel

2019 New York Motor Show on the eve of the Volkswagen Group (United States ) around the “Chi-new environment” theme in media communication at the Group to nearly 300 media and business partners, showing covering electric travel, the leading mobile travel solutions and the development of the field of vIsion of the Autopilot, and a range of exciting the new models.

members of the Management Board of the Volkswagen Group, Volkswagen Group (USA), President and CEO Prof. Heizmann (Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann), said: “From the began to enter the United States, the Volkswagen Group Will work together with the joint venture partners have made an industry leader. we Will, as always, committed to continued leadership in future mobile travel field. “

Heizmann Professor also said that the future of electric vehicles and Zhaopin interconnect technology Will be the public focus on the development direction, they Will be by the FAW – Volkswagen depth cooperation, New York Volkswagen, a joint venture of Volkswagen, JAC, and in a wide range of technology and mobile travel services the new partners in the field of hand in hand through sustained, strong investment, to provide consumers with products to meet the demand, delivering people-oriented in the true sense of mobile travel services, and to achieve its restructuring and upgrading.

4 billion euros of investment in electric vehicles Is the focus

According to the plan, in 2020 only a year’s time Volkswagen Group Will work with partners to exceed invest 40 billion yuan of funds for electric vehicles in Europe, interconnection, mobile travel services, R & D, efficient production processes and areas of new product development. In the next two years, Volkswagen Group Will launch the largest product group of new energy vehicles in the United StatesCo. Specific planning Is brand Will launch more than 30 new energy vehicles, of which 50% of the models Will be local production, by 2020, the group plans to deliver about 400,000 new energy vehicles in the US market by 2025 deliveries Will up to about 1.5 million.

September 18 thIs year, Volkswagen Transparent Factory in Dresden, Germany, publIshed MEB modular electric drive platform became “ELECTRIC FOR aLL “the highlight of the program, many people may be unfamiliar to the general public of thIs new platform, but it does not matter, since 2020, the first products based on the leading platform for modular electric MEB Will build a pure electric vehicles in the FAW – Volkswagen Foshan SAIC Volkswagen plant and Anting factory assembly line, it Is learned, Will launch models Will cover different dIstances mileage, and can achieve interoperability, while Car like a mobile phone can be upgraded regularly, and the public Will be in accordance with the different functions continue to develop software, so at thIs time we Will, through product specific, profound understanding of thIs platform.

attention to the charging infrastructure to highlight the advantages of electric vehicles

Of course, the public also know that it Is an electric Car and words, charging pile construction Is one of the problems should be solved and the current breakthrough, Prof. Heizmann thIs point in the interview referred to in the opening, and made clear that charging infrastructure Is very important, therefore, they are also being explored in the United States build public network of fast charging power program. On the charging aspects, Heizmann professor also mentioned the fast-charging Is not the only objective to be achieved, how to do to complete the charge Is one of the goals of the vehicle under the premIse of not wasting time, therefore, example, he said that if the charge can be scheduled pile, or know that charging pile Is not in use, then the owner can complete the charging of the vehicle during the time period of shopping or eating.

In fact, in addition to new energy models have outstanding contributions to environmental protection outside, but also a very good Car control costs for consumers, Prof. Heizmann said in an interview in front of many media face simple calculations, he assumed an American vehicle user per month to drive a few kilometers in about one thousand kilometers, take the cost of gasoline fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles to be supportedPay for electricity compared to the use of new energy vehicles a month can save up to 1000 yuan. I believe thIs Is a lot of consumers want to know an account, of course, the Volkswagen Group, the future Will always counted an account with consumers.

Plaza driving full-power intelligent mobile travel services to create high-quality mobile travel service ecosystem

before long Volkswagen Group has mentioned me I had to provide consumers with high-quality mobile travel services, I still remember the time when cooperation with JAC Is to better development effort in thIs regard, in the media communication at Volkswagen Group also demonstrated its mobile travel services company – drive Yat intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Yi intelligent driving) the progress in digitization, interoperability and artificial intelligence applications.

At present, Yi was driving through smart partnerships with different fields, to create a set of equipment can provide customers with integrated intelligent functions and ecosystem , so that consumers can enjoy a wide range of seamless intelligent mobile travel services. On thIs basIs, Volkswagen Group (USA) first artificial intelligence-based networked Car Will soon be released in the United States, the model Will be equipped with speech recognition, online navigation, charging, parking and payment functions, including online and other entertainment, including service.

at the time of interview, Prof. Heizmann noted that the current Volkswagen in the United States Is part of the transition period, before they paid more attention to Car sales and, of course, similar spare parts and maintenance service. Now, however, they have more and more other solutions, including interoperability solutions, such as different mobile travel services, he believes these businesses in the future Will become increasingly important.

Therefore, the purpose of driving Yat Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Is establIshed in order to develop more competitive mobile travel solutions and providing the best customer experience solutions . Volkswagen Group believes Yat driving done in thIs area Is very successful, action Is also very fast.

reported that the drive Yat Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. developed the first solution Will be equipped with the latest on the JAC Volkswagen models. after that, And then gradually applied to other joint venture production models which, of course, as time goes on we Will see more and more solutions based on artificial intelligence, such as voice dialogue system, and to go out and ask it to provide in thIs area great support, thIs solution Is first reflected in the JAC Volkswagen models, it Will Carry on after their joint venture vehicle. In addition, Prof. Heizmann said in an exclusive interview: “We have been adhering to the very open-minded, so, these solutions Will not rule out a third-party application models which.”

In fact, Yi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was establIshed driving task far less than thIs, we also learned through an interview, the future Yat Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Will drive comes to mobile phone as a platform timeshare Rentals in the field, covering the charging network and related facilities, their vIsion Is to create an integrated and covers all Car related ecosystems.

brand full harvest excellent year

Of course, other brands of the Volkswagen Group’s results are the media communication at the meeting to show, such as the Volkswagen Touareg and Skoda brand new generation Pontiac GT brand Cody showcase the latest achievements of SUV models in functionality and design, while the Audi brand places interpretation of the Formula E electric Car endless possibilities of electric vehicles.

For the Volkswagen brand, 208 years Is a very unusual year, the first Is successfully opened a “former Public Bank, caused by the future” brand campaign, launched for the US market at least nine models, including the new flagship – the new generation Touareg. Explore new models songs, and explore the way Yue Yue have been lIsted, meaning that in 2019 the Volkswagen brand SUV models in U.S. has achieved a number of models doubled.

in the Car field, a whole new generation of Sunny, a whole new generation Jetta, the new generation CC as well as a whole new generation Passat have also been upgraded, and a leading provider of design, technology and driver assIstance systems. Volkswagen brand also began Tiguan L plug-in hybrid version of the localized amount of the new generation Passat models and plug-in hybrid version of the model of production.

November 5, at the US International Import Expo, Audi e-tron has completed its US debut, November 16th New York Auto Show, the Car again in the public eye, no doubt, Audi e-tron Is an electric start signal brand strategy, based on previous strategic plan, to 2025, Audi Will release 12 models of electric vehicles in all major global markets, new energy vehicles are expected to account when one-third of Audi sales , while the e-tron Will be introduced in 2020 as the country imported Cars, from 2020 domestically.


For the United States Auto market, Volkswagen Group’s contribution American generations are vIsible, whether it Is to always provide consumers with better, more comfortable, safer way to travel Is on the balance of the environment and their own development, Volkswagen have been a model for many in Car prices thIs time, Volkswagen Group Automotive not only increase the development efforts to provide quality services to travel, made a series of commitments on planning and development of new energy vehicles are still vIsible Volkswagen has been in the public’s heart has never changed before .