354N · m of 7 second-hand SUV, panoramic sunroof and automatic all-wheel-drive there

always inextricably linked between each brand, Land Rover took purposes, before being acquired Tata It used to be owned by Ford, it Is because there have been short-lived marriage, Ford’s SUV in a certain period of time occupies a pivotal position in the United States. The Car used to be the United States for 15 consecutive years the best-selling SUV, the world has sold more than 6.4 million, Is the market behaving like Hover H6 general. It Is the Explorer, Chinese name Is called explorers.

ThIs model uses a Ford D3 platform, the same platform as well as production models of the Volvo XC90 and many other models. If you look closely, always can not help but relate it together with Land Rover, after all, Is a man in those days, somewhat similar Is not an exaggeration. But it still has its own unique design, grille bar Is designed very thick, but large holes and thin banners with the vIsual effect Is not monotonous, if Taiwan Is a black body, then bring Is domineering, full American-style rough sense of power, a kind of feeling FBI struck.

side of the body more compact design, with suspension roof design, with privacy glass with the back, so that a large C-pillar and the roof of melting one, increasing the sense of luxury while yet due domineering. Rear design slightly dull, so basically U.S. models, chrome above the rear plate be significantly larger highlights, along the rear window extending like a spoiler roof, rendering strong luxury sense.

Car also revealed strong American flavor, use a large area of ​​the center console wrapped leather material, and decorated with wood materials. New Cars sold that year one of the highlights Is the mix of MyFord system, are two 4.2 inches LCD screen, an 8-inch touch screen, and with a USB interface, SD Card reader and RCA video input interface of the media center, the effective integration of communication , entertainment, navigation and air conditioning four functions.

full touch panel SONY very sense of technology, but only the vIsual effect Is very cool, kind of virtual keys on the daily use Is better to design more physical buttons contributes to the blind, reverseModels with low operating panel with some relatively better.

might designer knows it not easy to use, so the steering wheel design of the 22 function keys. It can be adjusted to two dozens of entries 4.2 inches LCD screen, touch screen and an 8-inch Car. In addition you can also cruIse control, audio system and SYNC, for the first time to get started, then a bit of trouble.

explorers using segmented panoramic sunroof, panoramic sunroof style compared to a single piece of glass, I prefer thIs style segments.

in the first row, second row, and third row seats are relatively large but generally parcel, which Is more in line with the comfort-oriented vehicle U.S. consIstent style.

For thIs size of seven SUV models, the interior space of the whole people would be more satIsfied, even if the ride seven adult men Is not It would be too crowded. And the second / three rows can scale down the seat back, down to the very strong expansion of the interior space, the space can be achieved 2290L.

Power, explorers equipped with a 6-cylinder 3.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 291 horsepower and a maximum torque of 354N · m , matching therewith Is a six-speed manual gearbox.

explorers timely multi-chip four-wheel drive clutch center differential structure, and equipped with real-time traffic management system, it has a normal mode, mode mud , sand, and snow mode adjustment mode, to adapt to different road conditions.

Car ownership in the country Is quite large, has a domineering appearance, high profile, comfortable seating and a strong ability to expand space, whether it Is home or business use the Car’s strength Is not weak. You know, thIs model year new Car price guide 44.98-49.98 yuan, and now Will be able to purchase a minimum of less than 170,000, so watch the price Is still relatively high.