260,000 owners, 800 million euros, Volkswagen Germany work together to solve emIssion fraud class action

Fortunately 260,000 Volkswagen diesel vehicle owners Will receive compensation for Volkswagen Car, which Will trigger a chain reaction in Europe? Results for the recovery of the Volkswagen Group, bring new uncertainties.

Recently, the Volkswagen Group in Germany and a major consumer organizations, collective action manipulate Volkswagen diesel emIssions testing, and finally reach an agreement.

US co-owners can obtain cost solution, German owners Why not

February 28, Volkswagen in a statement that the settlement amount reached with the Federation of German consumer organizations (VZBV) to 830 million euros (about 6.4 billion yuan).

Volkswagen legal director Hirt Ruud Werner (HiltrudWerner) said in a statement that the agreement represented a “fair and verifiable solutions,” Volkswagen ” now we Will do our best to provide a one-time payment as soon as possible. ”

It Is reported that thIs amount 830 million euros Will be dIstributed to approximately 260,000 class members, the exact amount depends on the age and model of the Car. Volkswagen said that from the beginning of the end of March, the settlement covered customers Will receive a one-time payment.

2015, Volkswagen admitted to using illegal software counterfeiters in the US diesel engine test, the scandal has made Volkswagen paid more than 30 billion euros price.

2016, almost all affected US Car owners in the United States have agreed to participate in a $ 25 billion settlement agreement, but VW said at the time, due to differences in legal, consumption in Germany seek no legal basIs for compensation.

Now it seems that words can not speak too soon.

Volkswagen has admitted that the alleged fraud emIssions of diesel vehicles up to 11 million worldwide, of which more than 8 million in Europe, 2.4 million in Germany. The German government IsSafeguard national interests of consumers can even change the law to allow consumers to organize a class action on behalf of consumers, to ensure European consumers and US consumers enjoy the same rights.

If the German Car owners can receive compensation according to the law, and that other European countries Will follow suit Will not do? Last year, the United Kingdom 100 000 Volkswagen diesel vehicle owners have launched a class action claim, I am afraid that the Volkswagen Group Will continue to bear the brunt emIssions from fraud case in the world.

100% owned Audi, “Zuichen” enhance the Group’s position

February 28, Volkswagen Group said it has been proposed by the so-called “extrusion” acquIsition to buy out shares of 0.36% Audi’s high-end brand of minority shareholders, the Volkswagen Group currently holds 99.64% of the regIstered capital of Audi.

thIs year, April 1, Marcus Du Siman (Markus Duesmann) Will serve as the Audi brand new CEO, the leading brand development, responsible for heavy vibration Audi’s technical strength. Previously, the brand several senior engineer on suspicion of participating in parent company Volkswagen Group’s diesel emIssion fraud scandal dIsmIssed.

Since the engine management software were found to manipulate the public use of diesel exhaust emIssions test Is designed by the Audi engineers, the brand Is in trouble. Director of engineering and a longtime brand thIs brand CEO Rupert Stadler (Rupert Stadler) has therefore been dIsmIssed.

Volkswagen Audi Group main “R & D Center”, Is the aerodynamic efficiency, lightweight aluminum, dual clutch transmIssion technology and four-wheel drive systems standard setter, Audi the leadership of Volkswagen Group research and development.

2020, Volkswagen Group sales revenue up to 252.6 billion euros, an increase of 7.1%; operating profit excluding special charges of 193 million euros, an increase of nearly 12.8%; operating profit of 17 billion euros, up 22%, operating profit margin of 6.7%.

aspects of the public said the reason for the profit growth Is: First, high profit on strong sales of SUV models. In 2020, SUV vehicle sales accounted for 40%, 25% less than the same period in 2019, Volkswagen SUV sales in 2025 accounted for 50%.

Second, special projects due to diesel engine emIssions caused by the incident expenditures decreased to 2.3 billion euros, in 2019 the figure was 3.2 billion euros.

The direct impact of the Volkswagen Group operating profit “special project” Over the years let Volkswagen “sorrow was everlasting period” in the hope that more enterprIses can lead that ring.

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