21 more than 100 years of world car brands, the largest number of countries, not Germany!

Car development after 100 years of continuous improvement, innovation, and the combination of human intelligence and ingenuity, and thanks to oil, steel, aluminum, chemicals, plastics, machinery, electricity, road network, electronic technical and financial support and other industries, led to their development, become such means of transport today. In thIs time period, preserved more than 100-year-old Car brand has as many as 21, but most brands are concentrated in Germany, the United States, Britain and other countries, while Japan and South Korea’s Auto industry started late, yet no Car prices centuries. Today we take a look at it!

First, the United Kingdom – the only child

1, Aston Martin

was born in 1913, 105 years of hIstory, Is the founder Lionel Martin and Robert classes. 1987 American Ford the acquIsition . In 2007, Prodrive boss David Richards for $ 925 million in the hands of Aston Martin brands purchased from Ford , returned to the embrace of the UK!

Second, France – 2 brand

1, Peugeot

was founded in 1890, 128 years of hIstory, the French

PSA Peugeot Citroen Group subsidiary Peugeot its Automotive brand.

2, Renault

In 1898 he founded 120 years hIstory, the main production there are types of racing vehicles,

a small Car , the Car , RV , a large Car (included truck and engineering vehicles and bus ) and the like.

Third, Germany -6 big brands

1-3, Mercedes-Benz BMW Audi

Germany’s most famous three traditional luxury Car brand Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi Is the century-old Car prices, Mercedes-Benz was founded in 1883, has been 135 years of hIstory, as BMW and Audi are relatively young, BMW was founded in 1916, has only 102 in hIstory, Audi Is founded in 1909, has a 109-year hIstory.

4, Rolls Royce

In addition, BMW’s ultra-luxury BritIsh Rolls-Royce brand also has a 112-year hIstory of century-Car companies, was establIshed in 1906


, the company founder Frederick Henry Royce ( Henry Royce ) and Charles Stewart Rolls ( Charlie Rouse ). In addition to making Cars, Rolls-Royce Is also involved in the field of aircraft engine manufacturing, but also an excellent engine manufacturers Airbus aircraft models used Is the Rolls-Royce engine. In 2003, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Is BMW (BMW) took over.

5, Skoda

In addition, Volkswagen’s Czech Car brand Skoda Is also a has a 123-year hIstory of century-Car prices, establIshed in 1895, April 16, 1991, Skoda company became a subsidiary of the German Volkswagen Group company, Skoda Volkswagen Group bought a 70% stake, the remaining 30% of the shares in 2000 in acquIsitions.

6, Bugatti

was founded in 1909, 109 years of hIstory, thIs has been the creation of hundreds of years French sports Car brand, gradually fading and changed hands several times after World War II, in 1998, the Volkswagen Group takeoverAnd the revival of the Bugatti brand.

Fourth, the United States – seven brands

US Auto industry a long time, so the United States a hundred years in the number of Car prices are also relatively more.

1, Ford

1903 founded the Ford already has 115 years of hIstory, Is the world’s largest Car manufacturers one

. 2, Lincoln

we are more familiar with US President Car Lincoln, also one of Ford’s luxury brand, founded in 1917, has been 101 years of hIstory.

3-5, GM: Cadillac Buick Chevrolet

General Motors Is 1908 founded more than 110 years of hIstory, its brands Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, respectively, founded in 1902, 1904, 1911, respectively, has 116 years, 114 years, 107 years, basically gradually expanded from the luxury Car brand started to the low-end brands!

6, Horton

US GM’s one

brand. Since 1856, the brand began to use in Australia, then

Horton The company Is mainly engaged in the manufacture and transport of metallurgical products. Horton has been involved from the beginning of 1914 body manufacturing industry, began making Cars in 1918. In 1931, GM’s Australian subsidiary Holden and co-founded the “universal – Holden Motor Company” (since 1994 using the “Holden Car company,” the name alone), has since become Australia’s Automotive industryLeader, has been 100 years of hIstory. 7, Opel

In 1902 the first Car to complete the 116-year hIstory, German Opel company


General Motors , a subsidiary of GM Is a window in Europe. Opel products in more than 100 markets in more than 20 countries around the world.

V. Italy – five brand

1, Chrysler

Chrysler Is a famous American Automobile company, in 1928, Chrysler has bought Dodge brothers more promoted third-largest US Motor company. 1933 Chrysler in the US market share of 25.8%, was actually more than Ford Motor Company . April 30, 2009, US President


announced that Chrysler Will be officially bankrupt US time 4 Yue 30 Ri (Zhousi), by the US government and Fiat took over. July 24, 2009, the European CommIssion approved Italy Fiat the acquIsition of the US Chrysler,

2, Dodge

Dodge founded in 1914, has 104 years of hIstory, the founder of a pair born in Michigan brothers, John Dodge and Huorui De Dodge brothers, who Is Henry Ford’s shareholders and directors, their first factory for the production of Ford parts. Due to the success of Ford, Dodge Brothers also benefit from thIs, and begin to develop their own company, a Ford opponent. Dodge Brothers in 1919 from Ford Motor Company. Later, the Dodge Chrysler Group became the backbone of the enterprIse.

3, Lancia

1906, 112 years of hIstory. Lancia also translated Lancia (LANCIA) Is the one of the Fiat Group’s brand to produce Car-based luxury Lancia Cars. Although Lancia Cars in the United States are rare, but as a long hIstory of well-known Italian brand, it occupies an important place in the world luxury Car market.

4, Alfa Romeo

1910, 108 years of hIstory, in 1916, was born Naples Nicola Romeo (Nicola Romeo) took over the depot and into their family name to the depot name, thus becoming today’s Alfa Romeo. In 1986 the company was the Fiat Group (


) acquired, in April 2019, Alfa Romeo officially entered the US market. 5, Maserati

founded in 1914, 104 years of hIstory, was once Ferrari part (a Fiat owns a majority stake), and now


Chrysler Car directly owned.