2020 Tokyo Motor Show first to report: Subaru 2020 models Levorg early exposure modeling

Subaru’s best-selling wagon Levorg, Is expected Tokyo Motor Show world debut today’s opening of the original has been previously released a trailer Figure 2 generations Levorg rear, showing the flow curve, and today the Japanese media not expected to be in the cover of the magazine, has publIshed a new Levorg more new front styling angular than active-duty models.

The new system Levorg get inspiration and key vIsual elements from last year released concept Car Viziv Tourer Concept, unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show and the Levorg, It Is said to be a near-production prototype, rather than a concept Car.

in the first exposure of Japanese media Levorg, full aggressive front design, there are more edges, a front spoiler also complicated and dramatic grille, LED daytime running lights combined with another eyebrow, very sharp headlights group. Other highlights of modeling, it also includes a considerable wheel arches, accompanied by oversized spoiler.

According to Japanese media reports, the 2020 models Levorg interior Is probably on maintaining very traditional design and configuration, but it improved through a combination of updated driving safety support systems and technology, says Cummings Baru Will get a high safety evaluation. It Is reported that it Eyesight active safety technology Will be a substantial upgrade, the original director of the relevant technical departments have been previously dIsclosed, Eyesight there Will be newly developed technologies. I believe it has improved in Level 2 two Autopilot technology, road cake to have a more active lane keeping functions.

In addition, the new Levorg using the new Subaru Global Platform global modular platform (referred SGP), it Is also the last paragraph of the evolution of Subaru SGP platform for the models, so its structural rigidity, as well as in NVH engineering noIse and vibration suppression Will have a significant upgrade than active-duty models.

As for the power system, at present not yet announced any original information, it Is said Levorg 1.6 liters currently used code FB16 horizontal opposed engine, turbo codes and 2.0 liters of opposed horizontal FA20 turbo engine, but the performance and power values ​​after adjustment, there Will be relatively improved.